5-Point Inspection

I just completed a 4-point inspection summary along with a wind mitigation for one of my customers. His insurance agent at the FL Farm Bureau insists that there is a 5-point inspection. Has anybody heard of this? The agent believes the 5th point is the windows.

Won’t be long and they will be wanting 50 point inspections… for $49 :roll:

IMO, he can require as many X-points as he likes… (he has about 400 to choose from)… he simply needs to inform his policy holders what they require, so that they can inform you and you charge accordingly!

THE AGENT is an Idiot. Likely not even the agent just a employee.
I bet he can tell you what you should charge also. I cannot stand dealing in the insurance inspection biz as it is full of scum from inspectors to agents to homeowners. NO PROFESSIONALS. Well NOT many anyhow.

Maybe he is thinking of the State Farm 4-Point report. It has more stuff in it than the Citizens 4-Point report. I get calls all the time from confused insurance company people.

Some inspectors don’t want to do reports on the State Farm report because it is more involved. My response to that is , don’t turn down the work, charge more.

I recently argued this point recently with a realtor/buyer… the windmit covered the windows.

So you charged them for a 4 point and wind mit correct?

Yes 5 point requires window info and condition, must be a really old house

Just like Dennis pointed out.

Would someone please share the OIR for? I have NOT seen it if not OIR whatever form this ? “5” Point inspection is on. Seems like people are bending the standard 4 point to what individual agents “SAY” they want.

The OIR doesn’t have a four-point form either. It has been around for many years. I did my first probably about 10 years ago.

What form is it?

I use my four-point and add windows. Types and condition.

Which company(s) is asking for it?

Like John said, just report window type and condition and add that info to your standard 4 point form. Your client or agent will advise you before the inspection , they are probably using a specific carrier for a historic home that is suspected to have wood windows

Makes sense for a home that is super old with OLD windows :slight_smile: Thanks for explaining their reasoning :slight_smile:

Stay hydrated. Hottest year in recorded history so far :frowning:

I did one for Allstate years ago. It’s legit, like John and Dennis said. Just tell them what type and condition of windows.