Wind Mit or 4-Point Agreement

I’ve been using a small addendum to my regular agreement for wind mitigation inspections. No agreement for 4-Point Inspections. Anyone using a standalone agreement for these they’re willing to share?

You don’t need them. No mountains from mole hills. :smiley:

I put this at the bottom of the NACHI template:

This inspection is being performed for your insurance company on your behalf.
A Four Point Insurance Inspection is far less in scope than a standard home inspection and is
not intended for any use other than assisting in the underwriting process.
This Four Point Insurance Inspection is a limited, visual survey of the heat/air conditioning,
roof, electrical, and plumbing systems.


But how limited is it really. It asks are there any wiring issues, are there any plumbing leaks, is the roof leaking. A lot of inspectors think these are cake walks. Wait till there is a problem and you get a call from the insurance company because you did a “limited inspection”, or from the homeowner because you failed to crawl under the crawl space to identify supply pipes or find plumbing leaks.

If ya want to use a shorter form go for it.
But NACHI got that form approved for citizens years ago and until NACHI produces another NACHI members should consider using it.

Thanks Mike and Ed for the input guys. I’ll continue to use the nachi form that John S generously shared, has the short disclaimer you mentioned Ed.

I use a modified Nachi form and it does not take long to fill out all. I also open the electrical panel as well unless obstructed…

I do.
I am trying to let him know a ton of the stuff on that form is not necessary for an insurance 4 point inspection. You must open and photograph the panel and list total amps along with year updated if you feel comfortable saying.

Paul, make sure you follow the real pros around here…

Yeah if you want to do twice the work for no reason :slight_smile: Be my guest. Ask anyone who was doing them 2 years ago what their form looked like. Home Inspectors are turning a simple insurance 1 page inspection report into mini home inspections… Not only is it not needed but then the insurance geeks have more crap to wade through to find what they need and your client has more reasons to not get insurance. You decide who your client is and do the right thing by them.

Now imagine you hired this guy to build your home for you.

Home Inspectors like to go the extra mile…it’s called Karma

Again you prove what an idiot you are.

Have you even done any 4 points?

Who is your client on them and who are you trying to serve?:roll:

You do not have to put as much info as you can to fluff these up. You are not getting paid per word and it does not make you look like you know something because it is 20 pages long. Save that for the home inspections you do.

I guess old habbits are hard for you to kick.

all of my ins. inspections have been done with a home inspection. I am to expensive for stand alones. I have been called to do 75.00 by agents with the promise of more to come. I prefer at least a 125.00 but will do them for 100.00 if i get 2 a day. give me 3 and then i will do them for 75.00. I usally get the “o.k. we will keep you in mind”

I prefer to work for the home owner but the ins.agents like to send out their own inspectors. Pssssst I have a guy who does these for 75.00.

I had one friend of the family, an elderly lady, who had a wind mit done. 65.00. Ins. agent sent him out. She says all he talked about was how she needed window protection. He had a friend who would do it cheap. he was pretty persistent. She already bought into the window film trick where the guy comes out with a sledge hammer and tries to break a window. She was pretty disappointed when she didn’t get a credit on that.

anyway i looked over the form and guess what…yes that’s right…aaaaaaaaaaaa


You G.C.s can have them…continue making money off little ole ladies. I just want to be able to do these with a home inspection.

Well I guess that answers my question.

I suggest you do not speak about things you have no idea about it makes you look foolish.

Coming from you that’s a compliment…thanx

go back and keep posting wrong info on wind mits and 4 points. do it your way.

I’ve learned more on how not to do a wind mit from you than how to.

I bet that G.C. license has saved you a couple of times


Once that I know of.

Keep being a dumbass it makes my life easier. You are a sheep plain and simple.

I know what works for me and I am glad you do twice the work and take twice as long.

If you can’t find the time to do it right the first time…How are going to find the time to do it right the second time.


I knew it. I knew it :slight_smile: