5 STARS: HomeInspectorPro.com

It took 5 years to sway me to another reporting style.
HIP, although new, is remarkably flexible! Being a PC dinosaur, it took me a bit to realize that the provided template is easy to work with but, more interestingly, I can build my own template (using the same inspection walk thru I now use) in very little time.
And, to top it all off, Dominic is extremely responsive via phone or email to any questions I have. Most are answered within 2 minutes. The last person in this industry who won my allegiance that quickly was John Onofrey. Before that, Nick Gromicko, all for the same good business reason: fast and informative follow-up.
Even if you are using paper reports, consider http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/ . It’s even easier than the tutorials.

Best of good fortune on your service, Dominic!


Interesting link

I’ll copy it from the website this time:

I’ve downloaded the trial and will look at it. I’ve been a huge HomeGauge fan for quite a while, not only for the ease of use, but for the response it gets from my clients. A better mousetrap can always be built, however! :wink:

I think it was on Sunday Dominic told me he had just sold to three Chicago guys.
Now I am sorry I did so much blogging about the software, as all my competition has the same advantage I found.

Blaine, I can only say that I’m not used to many HI software styles; I’m pushing the Double-Nickel this Jan, and am not a “intuitive” as some younger folks. When I realized how easy it was to actually create my own template (I was intimidated by the one provided), I was simply amazed.
The program is, really, an ideal platform for making any kind of inspection or checklist, not limited to HI, as you can create your own comments, for any industry.
I spent my initial time bogged down in details, not really understanding the basic simplicity of the format (DUH on me).
I suggested to Dominic (based on my initial denseness) that he create a tutorial for others like me:
"If you can inspect a home, you can create your personalized template in 30 minutes. Watch this tutorial, see how to create sections with an unlimited number of drop-down items. Mimic any reporting style you currently use with Home Inspector Pro- even paper reports!"


Russ, you are correct!! I posted this a few days ago.

Dominic’s Home Inspector Pro software is excellent! Like I said before, you will be hard pressed to find someone as knowledgeable, helpful and patient as Dominic. His photo software is absolutely the quickest and easiest. 100 pics download in about 15 seconds.(broadband) and there is no resizing them, it’s all done automatically. The arrows, circles, captions and report placement like Robert said is also the easiest and goes as fast as you can click a mouse! Both good and bad comments are also as fast as you can move your mouse! Dominic created this software from HIs and that is why it is such great software. It did not come from a computer person trying to get HIs to adapt to* his* ideas and software, it came from a computer person who adapted HI ideas to *create *his software.

Russ, pretty neat software isn’t it? Fun to work with.

Absolutely, Mark!
And, the nice thing is, how responsive Dominic is to suggestions. He listens to us, and incorporates our suggestions. Looks like a real winner, in all ways.

Congrats Russ Spriggs for finding some software you like! All the best!

Thanks, Russell-
You’ve done - and continue to do - a lot for our industry, and you are much appreciated!

you are too Russ!! my daughter likes it up there so far…

I’m a very big fan of HomeGauge and that’s what I use for all my reports. I will be using HomeGauge till the day I die or retire. IMO Russell and his team are great people and very helpful. And the report is amazing, clients love it and I love it.

Having said that, I also like Dominic and his software. I have purchased his software and will probably never use it. IMO he is a great guy and needs our support.

My next purchase will be InspectVue from our friend Kieth Swift, again it’s all about support, not because I’m unhappy with HomeGauge.

The problem if I wanted to switch is the huge time investment in the comments library for my current program (Homeguage). The only thing that could make me switch would be a program with some different kind of interface that considerably improve the speed of entry.

Thanks, Mark-
Make sure I know if you’re coming up for a visit;
is she at Gonzaga?

Agreed, Mario.
I’v always seen & heard great things about HG. No dispute there.
I’d also created my own Word Doc that actually served me better, when one considers appearance, price, completeness, etc.
I had even been ready to work with others and create a reporting program with it.

HIP was a matter of time, cost, ability to perform well, and customer support. All seemed equal between HG & HIP, until the $349 price tag, one-time cost.

Now, in a time when some HI’s are slinging hammers and I see RE agents working in checkout counters, I still find myself doing multiple inspections on some days. In North Idaho, we usually have cloud cover from Dec - March, with very little sunshine. The roads (in my area) stay ice & snow covered, tho fine in the city. I like to start my insps at 10AM at this time of year, let all the fools slide into the ditches before I go out.
It’s dark, frozen, & full of traffic at 4PM, so I like to be home before that.
Jeanne’s been working with me since March, and often works on the report(s) on the way home. She’s been very happy with the Word program, and only went to HIP kicking & screaming. . . . until she tried it!

I could see where, as a HI survivor during this time of weeding out, we’d be slammed when it picks up again. As that will be during warmer / sunnier weather, it will also be during Jeanne’s gardening time. So, having the HI work done by the time we get home frees her up to play in the dirt.

I was due to go to a faster system. HG had been in the front running, and less than half the cost tipped the scales to HIP.
It’s a great program for veteran or new HI’s. I finally have another option (effective & affordable) to suggest to newcomers other than ReportHost.

And, Mario-
Your software collection sounds like my “hardware” collection;-)

  • I guess I like to support Winchester, Ruger, Glock, Marlin, Kel-Tec . . .:smiley:

Agreed. Tweaking any program to your needs will involve an investment in time. That’s another reason I pulled the trigger during the TG weekend!


I support those guys as well including Colt,Berreta,and Browning!!!

Yeah, a way of life here-
Jeanne just went thru the woods to deliver eggs to neighbors. Too many wolves, cats & moose (don’t mess with a pi$$ed moose) to walk around empty-handed.
Or, empty-hipped, I should say!:wink: :smiley: