6.8 Million paid for a #5 ...

on a License Plate for his car,(10 times more than car cost) is what one man bid, in Saudi Arabia. They auction license plates over there. The lower the number, the more their worth. One man’s goal is to get the #1, when asked what he would pay, he said 15 to 20 million. They have too much money. If this does not piss you off, when you fill up, you need to check your pulse. We need to drill for our own oil. Iran only pays $.32 a gallon, and they have NO refineries. It is time to call your congressman, and let them know you will vote them out of office, if China gets our offshore oil. :mad: :mad: :mad:

It was in the United Arab Emirates, not Saudi Arabia.

The money raised at the auction goes to a charity with most of it going to victims of traffic accidents.

Let’s see, who is making the money? Could it be Exxon that made 40 BILLION SIX HUNDRED MILLION dollars IN PROFIT this last year. The largest profit ever made by any company, EVER. Poor little Chevron only made 18.7 BILLION in profit.

Wanna know what’s scarier? Fields of hay across the US are being covereted to corn for ethanol. That means the price of beef is going to sky rocket. Worse yet, the fields of agave in Mexico are also being converted to corn. The price of your margaritas and tequila shooters will now go through the roof.

Maybe we should just grow hops and barley. Invent a car that runs on beer. The latest vehicle upgrade? A refrigerated fuel tank with a tapper instead of a cup holder…

Time to light the grill. Super Bowl tailgating. Ribs, chicken and Baked beans.


Why not boycott all the oil companies over here that sell foreign oil. Here in Florida that means no exxon, mobil, chervron, cito, or shell.

Why not boycott all the oil companies over here that sell foreign oil. Here in Florida that means no exxon, mobil, chervron, cito, or shell.

The name on the sign does not tell you who’s oil you are buying.
All companies trade back and forth…
Never will this system work.

Not true, Ken.

Iran has no refineries. They have no way to provide gas to their cars.

And, remember, they, last year, instituted an eight fold increase in gasoline prices.

  1. $0.50 is the U.S. conversion to the Iran price. Thic ocnversion is based upon the “official” prices, not the actual prices.
  2. Most people, in Iran make only (equivilent) $2.90 per day income.
  3. Inflation is rampent in Iran.

So, if you were to go to Iran, and pay in U.S. dollars (not allowed), you would pay “only” $0.50 per gallon (actually $0.119 per liter).

But you would not find a gas station open, because there is a gasoline shortage BECAUSE THEY AIN’T GOT NONE!!!

Remember, their prices are set by the government. They have nothing to do with actual prices (based upon a free market). Price controls (as in the U.S., during the Nixon and Carter administrations) just diminish supply!

Please, take all these factors into account. Don’t just swallow the “party” line.

Will, I saw a live news story in Iran, and the people are angry over the fuel rationing, they are buying it black market right now for a little over 2 a gallon. They said the regular price before rationing was .32, then the government raised it to $36 to slow down driving. The people complained and said their leader should build more refineries to go with the two or three they already have to make life better. They just had a tragedy during a cold snap that killed over sixty people because of the need formore refineries. If my info is wrong, it’s because of what the Iranian people said on CNN.

Better yet, we need to stop letting our oil companies sqaush alternate energies. Considering we were able to put a men on the moon and bring them back with 60’s technology, we could use new millenium technology to make gasoline obsolete. Its too bad our federal money goes towards financing Big Oil’s ethanol scam and their grossly underfunded smoke-and-mirrors research on fuels such as hydrogen.:twisted:

Too many votes in primaries and elections in the big corn growing states for that to happen. They would rather sell their corn (subsidized) and help to build ethanol plants (Illinois included, to my shame).

Politics, you know :mrgreen:

If big oil had it’s way, all cars would get just 4 miles to the gallon. It is to be expected for them to fight anything that takes profit away from them.However, if they could tap our resources instead of having to purchase it from overseas, they could lower prices and make more profits at the same time. Not to mention, we as a country, would no longer be controlled by foreign oil. China is getting ready to start drilling off the coast of Florida, we cannot because of the enviromentalist filing lawsuits to prevent U.S. oil from doing it on the grounds of eviromental impact and risks. It is ridiculous reasoning. There are risk in most everything, but the risk of an enviromental accident aremuchmore likely to happen with China and Cuba drilling instead of us. We are far ahead of them in safety and methods of extracting oil safely. Is anyone naive enough to presume that China would care about a major oil spill on the coast of Florida? The saddest part of the whole deal is, we will be the ones who have to clean it up anyway, even though we did not do it. I agree 100% that we all need to be enviromentally responsible, but by letting China and Cuba, countries with third world technology and oh well attitudes, is not being smart or acting in a responsible manner, no matter how you slice it. China will have more oil to burn for manufacturing goods, which means more air polution from a country with no regard for playing by the rules, and without any clean air policies. What does this mean? Well according to all of the fears we are reminded of daily, GLOBAL WARMING! We all know what that means, don’t we? Since America is considered to be the world’s leader in clean air technology, we will be expected to set the example for the world and place greater restrictions on our manufacturers, which will mean greater cost to produce goods, which will mean no chance to compete with third world countries, which means plants shutting downhere and jobs going overseas to the third world countries, which means we will hear for the next 100 years, accusations by the democrats blaming the republicans for the loss of jobs. But the maddening part is it is them who causes all the problems to start with, by appeasing the tree huggers just to get in office. In much shorter words, it’s just one big vicious circle which keeps getting bigger and bigger. Same old song and dance, and Americans keep dancing. They chant their campaign slogan of change, and they keep promising change, but look back to two years ago when they took control of the house, they haven’t done any of the things they promised. Well it was fun while it lasted, but I think America is on the way out. The average age of all countries and Kingdoms is just 200 years, and we passed that almost 40 years ago. So what, at least we can blame it on George Bush, right?

ok everyone can talk about the price we pay at the pump, but has anyone ever looked at what the goverments (local and Federal) make off a gallon of gas? look up the taxes that are put on a gallon of gas from your local, state and Federal agencies. Then come back a tell me why we pay at the pump. It is not only the oil companies but the government also.

No argument there Robert

GAS TAX by State

It’s been said before but if you really want lower gas prices you must increase the supply of oil by DRILLING. That means ANWAR, Offshore (especially in FL) and anywhere else it’s found.

What do think your chances of that happening with the current crop of candidates and their positions?

Get used to it because as long as the majority of the populace buys into the rantings of Al Gore and the Sierra Club it just isn’t going to change.
Can you say sheep?

and that is only the state taxes, a lot of local governments have taxes on fuel and so does the feds.
When I was growing up, my dad worked for Ashland oil. he was in research and development, he told me that ten yrs ago the cost of making on gallon of gas was around $.21. I am sure it is more today,I would say that is about double or more, but where is all the other charges coming from?

Robert, here is the current breakdown, the largest part of the cost is the crude price ($2.22 ga)

I can’t wait to hear the screams if they find oil under Michaels favorite fishing hole :wink:



good info…

Gerry, are you against offshore drilling?

Gerry, are you against offshore drilling? If yes, why?

If there is oil under my fishing hole let them pump it.:wink:

Now why again is FL so reluctant to drill for oil offshore?

With the thousands of oil rigs in the ocean what makes FL untouchable?:roll:


Maybe their afraid the Cuban boat people will use them as rest stops! :wink: