Calling all inspectors...


If I don’t get more money or better grouping soon, I am considering dropping them altogether.

Gas is now $3.76 here.


Ever heard of Taft Anti Trust – Look it up


$4.10 here:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: Bush asked the Saudi’s to pump more oil, and they said no, why should they, 2 days before, Congress, sent them the message, that we are not going to become independant, and they can charge us whatever they like.:mad: :mad: :mad:

Don’t scare me.

Mr. Lott,

With all due respect.
Please think of what you post and how it could affect all of us and our organization before typing and sending. And if restraint of pen and tongue is not within you at least keep it in the MO section of the MB.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

I just got a call from a fellow inspector – It is not Taft but Sherman

Ken – you are right no one will go after you or me – we are too far down the food chain

Don’t look now but all costs are up.

$10 is a good start. Over all cost of living would be far more proper

Maybe a car that has better gas mileage


Thank you Barry


Barry, I posted it in the open section for that reason, it is not price fixing, just a suggestion.

I think it would be difficult to claim “price fixing” when there are thousands of inspectors and only a few that read this message board.


Please understand Barrys post

Yes, we all are on the low end of the food chain - it is the ethics of the idea that are wrong and also the thread should be posted in the MO section

Boy I hope something is good on TV tonight

Might be a good time to see what the wife is doing later

We all need a few inspection to do so we are not going after mole hills


What ever happened to “Suggested Retail Price”?

All of the suggesters are in prison for price collusion.

I am in full agreement!

I agree 100%. However, I don’t think $10 is nearly enough. I think $25 increase on ALL types of inspections should cover the price increases. Here, in Chicagoland, we have the most expensive gas in the country ($4.05 for regular). It doesn’t have to be in a form of immediate increase, but reflected in reduced discounts. Our prices for various services will still vary. They just going to be a bit higher. I don’t think it’s price fixing. Lots of unions and “cartels” do it all the time. No one’s dragging them in front of the Congress…
We got to have everyone on board though.

I’ll have to argue with you on that one. The station down on the corner has been $4.099 for a month now, and over in La Jolla and out in Rancho Santa Fe (the ritzy areas where they have more money to spend but it’s difficult to get in and out of), I’ve seen $4.199 all the way up to $4.399 for regular. I make sure when I’m going out that way to fill 'er up here.

We will never be able to earn a reasonable fee, because of the fear, that everytime, anyone, suggest a price increase, will end up in a Anti-Trust Suit. Every industry I can think of have an agreement or baseline price to charge for their service, except HI.The RE industry sure gets away with it. P.S. There is nothing unethical about charging a fair price.

Hi! Maxim;
Your wrong gas on Long Island is $409.9 also I heard in Alaska gas is $8.00 a Gal.:roll:

Raise your prices to what you feel your worth. When the phone rings you need to be able to sell yourself for that cost. If you can’t, find another career.

If you come across as a “weekend inspector”, plan on getting paid like a weekend inspector.

Gas is gas, can’t live/work without it. It’s another business expense.

I’ll try not to be so blunt, but get used to it, it’s going to get worse.

Maybe I will start one of those boycotts for not buying gas on Wed. :roll: Nah, I’ll just have to buy it on Tues or Thursday then.


Here’s an idea - Don’t suggest the increase. Just do it!

Your the boss of your business, you make the decisions.