6 volt return

6 volt return on all outlets at the neutral.

I know we are not electricians.
link to this anomaly would be grateful.

How old was the home, was it in a high rise? 3 phase?

Can you explain what you mean by 6 volt return, how was this tested?

I don’t understand your question.
Look at the attachment and explain where the 6v is coming from.
In the attached duplex receptacle where did you get the reading .
As depicted in the top outlet,the bottom one or all points of connection?
Either way it is strange.


Chances are that he took the reading from neutral to ground and got 6 volts using a digital MM. If this was the scenario, you were probably just picking up induced voltage. Nothing to worry about.


Sorry I did not reply until now Wanye.
1955 single phase.
200 amp FPE Stab-loc BE 120 -30 panel.

What I found unusual was the same voltage on all neutrals.

Roy Cooke the most recognised Canadian member of InterNACHI Canada and that has shared effortlessly as you have Wayne gave me an email within minutes.
That is why I have not looked at the MB.
Not an excuse but at least I am honest.

Phantom current.
I will send you and anyone that wishes the information.
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Now genitalmen,

Robert, I use General Tools Circuit Analyzer for 120/240.
it measures load, voltage frequency etc.
Not a fluke but to start a hypothesis on condition its a great tool.
No I do not use the readings in my report. It to allow me to evaluate condition.

Jeffrey, I agree that there is nothing to worry about. from my brief understanding of electrical branch circuits as a whole anything below 10% of the current is consider in the normal range. I am doing more research.
I just wanted some opinions.
Roy Cooke’s email is where I will start.

My buddy roy, as yourself I am taken by surprise.
I hope we both learn from the thread!
Hope you are in good heath after that scar with mold.
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Yep ! Robert doing great.
Roy C sent me the info as well, but was going to let you do the MB followup.

The 10% drop is applicable for voltage not current. This explanation you’re giving me doesn’t tie in to what you were asking, though. From what the OP stated, it sounded like you were reading 6 volts on the neutral.


Neutral to ground voltage is normal to a degree, but it depends. If the panel the circuit comes from is a sub panel, and/or this circuit is long enough with load on it 6 volts drop may be normal.

6 volts means a 6 volt drop in voltage. On a single circuit that would mean a 12 volt drop. If one has a 250 foot run of #14 with 12 amps on it this would actually be a normal measurement.

If this is with no load, it might be an issue. You would then need to then check the subpanel. Measure between neutral and ground in the panel.

A panel with a long run to the main disconnect and a good deal of load on the neutral is going to produce some voltage measurements. Usually about 4 volts. If the run is very long 6 volts can happen. However, if these readings are without load, or something doesn’t seem right, chances are something is indeed not right.

More detail is needed.

A great guy:-)

Sorry I did not express the values correctly.
The instrument reads 0-to-peak voltage of a 120 volt AC circuit.
Sorry Mr. Wicklander.

Read this article and tell me what you think.
Diagnosing Power Problems [at the Receptacle](Diagnosing Power Problems at the Receptacle).

6 Volts AC or DC?

What type of meter?

Do you know how to use it?

Do you always measure this value or did you get a new toy and no training?

Things to ponder.

Sorry Mr. Larson.
I saw your post and could not reply on my Surface pro 2. The batteries where at 9%.
The meter is a General circuit Analyzer.
As to knowing how to use all the functions, no.

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