Did not open this panel & FPE panel with lots of defects

The sub in the garage had a 220 installed on the dead front cover.:shock:
I would imagine the 220 would need to be removed to safely take off the cover.

In the home the main was a FPE stabloc.

I was intrigued by the aluminum wiring used to extend portions of the circuits.

There were a lot of issues and thought I would post to see what issues you come up with.

I deferred the entire system as the branch wiring was modified, altered and very unsafe. The last picture is in the kitchen, no GFI and they used the pictured multiple extension and ran the cord in the cabinet, I can only imagine how they did the connection as everything else was all spliced poorly.

Another POS in Cleveland

I was thinking of staring a Show.

You have heard of Hot in Cleveland?

I was going to call it POS near Cleveland!!

Now seriously if you came across these panels what report verbiage would you use?

I already submitted report and was only posting as I found these panels different with the 220 and aluminum extensions.

228812 097 (Small).JPG

228812 099 (Small).JPG

228812 061 (Small).JPG

228812 064 (Small).JPG

228812 098 (Small).JPG

I beleive a blanket statment would be all that you would need with pictures to support.
Got this from a forum at one point and stole it fair and square. LOL
There have been numerous modifications and alterations made to the original electrical system of the residence, most of which appear to be improper and unprofessionally installed. Due to the inherent dangers involved with electrical installations, we do not endorse, or approve of any system or component that was not installed/modified by a licensed electrical contractor. Based on our observation, it is entirely possible that latent defects exist. It is strongly recommended that you consult a qualified electrician to evaluate and service the entire electrical system of the residence.
I will typically do bullet points of the issues as well just to clarify.

Congrats on your 1000 posts.

I used that exact verbiage for portions of the electrical report.

I believe J Pope was the originator.

Yes I am in agreement and am glad we don’t have that much of a problem in Ontario.
We do have POS but not often do I find as many things wrong as this Panel.
Time for another group of Electricians to break it all down one at a time.

Yes he was. I can tell by his writing style :smiley:

I just took my CE tests and one quiz was Inspection process A-Z.
The correct answer (got 100%) was Never open FPE stabloc or Zinsco panels.

That settles it .

Curious on the basis(course approval and factual information) of the test to support the answer of the question?
(of not opening Zinsco & FPE)

Thank you Jeff. I have used it a few times and change it up to suit my needs.

State of Illinois Licensing test.
Basis is on 1,000’s of results in Google from what I recall that back up the assertion they are in automatic need of replacement.

Goes back to not chancing safety.

Not sure why anyone thinks they are a He Man bragging about opening them ?
Just rec replacement or Examination by Electrician as this this a liability unless you are looking with an actual Electricians license.

Might as well push a railing with 200 pounds force to see if you fall 50 stories or keep using 2x4’s to ruin garage doors to prove some goofy point.

Ever type in FPE on Google ?

We recommend against replacing individual FPE Stab-Lok® circuit breakers - there is no evidence that doing so will improve the safety of the electrical system. We recommend that the panel be replaced entirely. This web page explains the issues and recommends solutions for people looking for a replacement FPE Stab-Lok® circuit breaker. We do not sell circuit breakers nor any other products.Our site offers impartial, unbiased advice without conflicts of interest…http://www.inspectapedia.com/fpe/FPEFailureReport.htm

More here: