60 Amp Breaker Labeled Main

Ok, so here, there are a few things that do not make sense to me. There is a panel on the other side of the meter that has a 60 amp breaker labeled “main”. Above this, there is a 90 amp breaker. That in itself is confusing. The 90 amp is not labeled and there is nothing identified on the door of the panel. How is there a 60 amp main and a 90 amp breaker that goes to god knows what? I understand that the 60 amp breaker if shut off, controls everything below it, but what could the 90 amp breaker be protecting? The air handler inside the home has its own disconnect inside of the hallway closet. I went by the panel rating and the size of the entrance cables to get the service amperage. Any thought?

Looks like a split bus panel. Do you have any photos of the entire panel without the cover?

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James, you’re in good hands with Robert (Elec. expert.), if you can get him the pics he needs. :smile:

I should but dont. Im sorry. Two screws were missing and the other two on the other side were assumed to be stripped and would not budge.

Is there an electric furnace…90 amp?

No sir. There isn’t anything to the house. 3 bed 2 bath 1400 sq ft home on slab. Had water heater, range, and split HVAC heat pump.

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Is there an electric furnace…90 amp?

Did you see a portable generator receptacle anywhere on the outside? could be oversized backfeed for genset. Need to open that panel, maybe it’s not even wired.

Very true. I looked every nook and cranny of that property and identified everything. One thing that I took a photo of, that confuses me even more is this.

This is for the air handler in the hallway closet. I noticed that the breaker on top is 90 amp, but the bottom is 30 amp. Unit is rated for the 30 amp, not the 90. Any relation to the 90 amp breaker in the panel? I only initially paid this a little attention as at first glance only saw it as a disconnect and kept moving. Now looking at it, im puzzled. lol

30 amp for the heat pump/compressor, 90 amp for emergency heat strips??

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Its possible, but even the electric range isnt that high. It is very possible and likely though. Im trying to also connect that disconnect and the 90 amp in the panel in my mind. And if so, why two 90 amp breakers? Maybe im overthinking it now. I question everything. Maybe questioning everything will save a life one day. lol

Did you inspect the air handler? most likely the heat strips… like Chris said. They used 90 as disconnect because it has to be as large or larger as the one in the panel (not to trip). The 90 in the panel protects the wire.

Thanks guys for all of your help, helping me figure this out. Appreciate your time.

It’s always best to understand what we are looking at, but when we don’t, call it out for evaluation and repair by a licensed electrician. The double lugged neutrals are enough reason to get an electrician out there. And if possible, meet the electrician or at least talk to the electrician after he/she has done the work.