Missing main disconnect

Hi all.
Question about a main panel
There is no disconnect on the panel for this house. Nothing by the meter and this is the only panel. Does the owner need to get a disconnect installed. I read that you can have up to 6 breakers in a panel that would be the disconnect but not sure if I am seeing this on the panel in the picture.
Also the 80amp breaker was for an above ground pool which has been removed.
Please let me know your thoughts.

Google split bus

What Brian said.


Appreciate the feedback.
Given that this is a split bus, would you still recommend that the client replace the panel. She had an inspection done and the inspector wrote in the 4 point report that the panel had a 60 amp main breaker and that it needs to be at least 100. Therefore they cannot get insurance until fixed. She asked for my opinion but I want to see what the consensus was from you guys

Were you able to determine the size of the entry conductors? That is what determines the amperage. The 60 amp breaker is for the “lighting” circuits or the 120v lights and receptacles.

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It was not my inspection. I don’t know what the entry size is. All I have is the picture from the client. Also the panel is a GE panel rated at 200 amps

I think that inspector is drunk.


Given the size of the SEC’s it’s at least 100 amps. First inspector was incorrect in calling this a 60 amp service.


I just had her turn off the top 3 breakers. The 2 x 60 amp breakers and a 50 amp breaker and all the power in the house turned off


That’s how they work in less than 6 moves.


That leaves 2 circuits still hot! The 20 amp 240v circuit and the 20 amp 120v circuit. Top 3 breakers on the right side. Somebody could get hurt if they think the house power is off with those 3 still on!

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Definitely a split bus panel.

The inspector was wrong and clearly needs more training. The 60 amp breaker feeds the lower bus of the panel that serves the lighting and receptacle loads. They need to correct their report.

Looks like a 150.


All the power did not turn off. The breakers at the top right remained on.

Although split-bus panels are no longer used in new installations existing panels are still permitted to remain in use.

I don’t believe it’s necessarily 6 breakers, but more accurately 6 hand motions. Several breakers can be turned off with one hand motion.

Yes, but I believe that is stated as such to account for breakers with “handle ties”, and not so much the “size of ones hands”!

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The general rule is that a service is permitted to have up to 6 service disconnects.The requirement is that if there are multi-pole circuit breakers that there are no more than 6. If there are single pole units for multi-wire circuits then they need to be handle tied if there are more than 6 motions of the hand to shut them off.

230.71 Maximum Number of Disconnects.
(A) General. The service disconnecting means for each service permitted by 230.2, or for each set of service-entrance conductors permitted by 230.40, Exception No. 1, 3, 4, or 5, shall consist of not more than six switches or sets of circuit breakers, or a combination of not more than six switches and sets of circuit breakers, mounted in a single enclosure, in a group of separate enclosures, or in or on a switchboard or in switchgear. There shall be not more than six sets of disconnects per service grouped in any one location.
For the purpose of this section, disconnecting means installed as part of listed equipment and used solely for the following shall not be considered a service disconnecting means:
(1) Power monitoring equipment
(2) Surge-protective device(s)
(3) Control circuit of the ground-fault protection system
(4) Power-operable service disconnecting means
(B) Single-Pole Units. Two or three single-pole switches or breakers, capable of individual operation, shall be permitted on multiwire circuits, one pole for each ungrounded conductor, as one multi-pole disconnect, provided they are equipped with identified handle ties or a master handle to disconnect all conductors of the service with no more than six operations of the hand.


He was either drunk or incompetent. Maybe both?