60 Amp meter w/200 Amp breaker

Home with 60 Amp meter base has 200 Amp main breaker. Unsure of the copper conductor size, possibly less than 2/0. Any concern with the 60/200 ratio?




IMG_4584 (Small).jpg

IMG_4591 (Small).jpg

The meter base is an indicator, but not really reliable to determine service capacity.

Write it up as you see it.
The meter base is diffently to small. Round cans can be rated as high as 100 amps. The system is only as big as the lowest rated component. Not safe with a 200 amp main.

Absolutely. I had one the other day that looked similar, like someone only updated part of the service…still had #2 AL SEC on the new 200 amp panel.

I see a “Missing KO” seal at the top left, and a bad connection at the bottom left too! :mad:

Looks like this work was done by a non professional hack and bootlegger criminal! :mad: