Appropriate charge for multi-unit inspection


How do you typically charge for a multi-unit inspection? This would be my first one and I don’t want to over charge.

2 story units with 7 units.

How much would you like to make an hour on this job including report writing?

Not sure. Never considered it that way.

slabs, crawlspaces or basements? Are you going on the roofs?

When I quit inspecting my price would have been: $3,375.00 or more, depending…

Remember you may not be able to get into each unit on that one day.

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I have a drone.

It’s only one building with 7 units on a slab.

Scott Brinson

I don’t know your market so use what Roy said.

You might want to check with your insurance agent, too…as to number of units being commercial or not.

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10-4. Thanks for the help fellas. I have submitted a proposal based on an hourly rate.

Scott Brinson

I’ve done many of those through the years. I would make sure that I have access to all units with the owner’s representative their . You never want to go into these things without someone with you . And then I would have my contract state what we’ve agreed upon about attic accesses air conditioning units …etc. Do they want me to do a random sampling. Or do they want each and every attic inspected. Do they want me to check each and every air conditioning unit or a random sampling.
When it comes to a commercial inspection like this. I write up my own contract and the expectations that the buyer and myself agree upon.
If they want them all inspected with everything I usually Jack the price way up. That way they’ll accept the random sampling or if you prefer representative number. I like that better.I

You will be surprised if you ask the buyer what they’re wanting inspected.That will give you some sort of benchmark as to what you’re going to be doing.
Usually I overthink these things. And lay awake the night before. Only to find out. It was too damn easy for the money.
In addition, I would much rather do four of those a month .
Here in Florida there is no licensing required for a commercial inspection.
I love them. The only thing I don’t do is restaurants with kitchens. I’ve done them before and there’s so many things that you wouldn’t know about.

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