A Better Mouse Trap??

Had to pass this long from an inspection last week.

IMG_0191 (Small).JPG

IMG_0191 (Small).JPG

lol…shocked the tail “straight” on that one…lol

I wasn’t sure how he got there. That box is mounted on a floor joist.

Looks like he road the current.:wink:

An excellent picture to keep on file and show the realtor when he says you are making a big deal over a missing cover plate!!!

You might also want to look for reversed polarity on that receptacle. He is on the neutral side.

Not only that but no wire anchor where wiring enters box.

I called the Realtor over when I found this.

I wish I had a picture of her a she quickly covered her mouth and shrieked.:shock:

P.S. to Darrell and Greg.

Those concerns were noted. These were definitely home handy-man specials.

It does appear to be a very healthy mouse (prior to his demise), nice coat, pretty fat, so I imagine they are providing a good home.

lol…now thats WAY to much knowledge about a mouse greg…lol…I own a boarding kennel and I did not check the nice coat on that mouse…thehehe:mrgreen:

no…not a mouse boarding kennel…lol

Yes, I found other evidence of attempts at plugging possible entry routes in the foundation with expanding foam and rags.

wow, you make this mouse trap yourself? it seems like anelectric mouse trap, 110v current can kill the rat at few seconds. that’s powerful.