See any problems

See the nice electrical work.


yeah I see a problem. keep your mitts away from that mouse trap!

Is that PVC on the water heater?

I see poopies!

don’t you need to put bait on those things for them to work?

The pipe is CPVC, OK for hot water but I question 1/2". I guess they don’t want “too much” hot water.

Hard to tell exactly, but the pipe sure looks like schedule 40 to me. Did the owner put the trap there to keep you from looking too closely?

It is the tan CPVC with the orange cement, along with a 3/4 to 1/2" adapter.
Look at the elbow on the pipe in the back, clearly a CPVC fitting.
If you want, I can post a picture of some CPVC and PVC side by side.

Hey Louie, it sounds like they are going to reload supper.:smiley:

Reloading your pellet gun?
Hope you brought a caulking gun, too. :wink:
Better check the kid’s rooms before you shoot. I saw a fatter one than that the other day, but it was in a cage. :mad:

John Kogel