A Bundle of NM's

Concerns ?



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what is nm"s

NM - Non Metallic. Refering to the type of branch wiring.

I will leave the question to the NEC guys like Paul, Sparky, Joe & Jeff and others that I left out.

After receiving the my copy of the NEC book today, All I have to say is that the individuals that understands this book are electrical GURUS and have years of expierence. I dont but I am a willing to start, that is why I bought the book. More of a reference to help me.

It seems to figure out your question the NEC directs you to a large table & it depends on the size, type of the wire and more. Again I am sure the NEC gurus will explain.

I am glad to know what NM means.

NMC needs to be in an appropriately sized nipple when going through a floor. 334.15(B)

James, your code citation is for exposed work. This situation will obviously be finished. Note the nail plates.

The concern here is bundling. There may or may not be an issue. Some AHJs will consider this bundled. Some not.
If they are only together like this for a short while I see no problem. If they are tightly bundled for quite a distance then there should be some separation.

Yes, I’m concerned about the quality of your photos :slight_smile: and about the amount of stud that has been notched…it shouldn’t be more than 40% of the depth and it’s hard to tell exactly how much it is.

WOW man, I thought I was having flashbacks!

Thanks Michael, glad to know it wasn’t me.:mrgreen:

I agree here with speedy…

If this took place for more than 24 inches…I would worry about the heat issue and lack of the ability to disipate it…but this is common sometimes…but the nail plate is needed if the cables are within 1 1/4" from the edge…I would suggest nailplates in this case…most certainly

my 2 cents, since everyone else covered the other stuff.

If you see wires pushed into holes till they scream, check for damaged jackets. Also, scan, why was this done? Is there something ‘odd’ about the construction? The panel in a differcult place? This might be a bread crumb leading to a bigger problem.