Electrical Sheathing

Anyone seen this type of sheathing? Looks and feels like a hard plastic sheath? Never saw this before. Top right corner. Its a first for me in 9 years of doing inspections. Home was built in 1970 Clearwater FL. Thanks.

Looks like good ole NM cable from the photo. Any reason why you may think that it’s not NM cable?

It almost looks like a non flexible covering. It was pealing in layers in areas and is shinny almost like heavy speaker wire. Just never saw Non Metalic like this. Thanks for your input!

Are you questioning Red cable at top “left” corner?

Yes sorry, said right. Long day! Looks strange right? Or am I over thinking it? Thanks!

you did point out the improper ground methods and the ground and neutral under the same screw

It looks like THHN or THWN.

Looks like an older SE type cable. There is also some UF in the center of the pic.

Yeah, it’s just old. It’s a bit more dramatic looking on that larger gauge, but it’s pretty common on regular 14 and 12 in my area. It’s just another layer in the sheathing, nothing to be concerned about.

Thanks guys!! Good to know people are here to help!!

It is not sheathing, it is insulation.
Sheathing is the outermost covering and is removed once it enters the panel. Insulation stays intact and is only removed at the point of termination.