Electrical Panel

One of the best installation jobs I have ever seen for the conductors in the panel.

Gets a thumbs up for neatness but the NM cables entering in the two large squeeze connectors at the top is a violation.

I wonder what that installer’s sock drawer looks like.:mrgreen:

Please elaborate on this, with any suggested wording. I came across this for the first time just yesterday. Thanks.


Like RM said, those connectors are probably not listed for use that way which makes the installation a code violation.

You also have the issue of cables supporting other cables which is another violation and potential bundling issues.

The bundling issue was my concern thus the reason for the pic. The connector(s) themselves I didn’t know about thus my query.


The bundling might not be an issue depending on the overall length of the cables bundled together. Those connectors are not listed for multiple NM cables.

Robert, I was thinking of the “bundled for 24” without maintaining spacing" portion.

IMO there is bundling more than 24" but you may be able to apply the exception that I posted to allow the bundling and still not require derating.

Thanks for the discussion guys. I didn’t measure the length, but it was damned near, or at, 20-24 inches bundled.

Every time I see bends like that I cringe. They are very sharp IMO. Anyway, good points about the bundling but I see a 2 pole breaker at the bottom that looks like a Murray or Siemens in a GE panel which is a no-no.

Robert, I had been taught that the section you posted was for when a cable passed through something like an attic with the higher ambient heat. Your thoughts?

You’re correct, it does apply as you’ve mentioned but it also applies anywhere that you would have two portions of a circuit with different ampacities due to the derating of one portion of the circuit, like bundling.

Full article:


Just to clarify I was referring to the neatness as mentioned by another.

That’ll learn ya Greg

I learn something new all of the time. One of the great things about this profession.