A/C inspection in Midwest

Help me out here guys/gals on an a/c question pertaining to the Midwest. Common knowledge and Carson & Dunlap, states to never check an a/c system when below 65 degrees or new unit when the electric has just been just turned on . Now that it gets into the high 60s and low 70s during day and high forties, low fifties at night do we check the a/c system for functionality? Had a brand new construction inspection yesterday and was just 68 degrees out, but forties the evening before. Didn’t check the a/c and told homeowner reasoning behind no check. What is the the best plan of action on this area? :shock:

I believe some schools teach 65 degrees F. for 24 hours before testing. Just use good judgement. If AC compressor is on the shaded side of home and ambient temp is 68, the compressor area temp may be significantly less. Ever see snow laying on the ground in a shaded ditch while the temp is in the 60’s? Yes, it won’t last long, but it’s cold enough for solid water (snow) to be laying there which would make the temp approx. in the 30’s in that area.

Again, I believe to just use good judgement.

My 2 pesos.:slight_smile:

I guess I understand the worry and all, especially with these new 410 units that don’t have forgiving compressors like the 22’s but come on I’ve charged units in 50 degree weather before . I’m really not worried about if I turn a unit on for a second or two.