A-frame lake house

I have a possible opportunity to complete an inspection on an older A-frame style lake house. What should I be aware of as far as A-frame style construction goes? Anything especially common or otherwise to watch out for?
I also want to encourage them to have me complete a Mold inspection especially considering its on the lake and only occasionally used.


the biggest problems I have found with that style of property have been with their foundations (normally peirs) and with wood rot caused by proximity to grade. You may want to concider bringing in a WDI/WDO inspector rather than a mold guy.

Oh and BTW, make sure that you walk every inch of the roof :wink:



Gerry, can borrow you “spikes” or “skyhook” ? I want to walk the roof.:stuck_out_tongue:A_Frame_View_2004_25.jpg