A funny but true inspection story.

I recently visited one of the inspection companies I founded back in Pennsylvania and the folks there reminded me of this one:

When I was an inspector, I always dressed down and asked my helper (retired HVAC contractor who knew everything) to dress up. This way my client would assume (incorrectly) that my helper was the lead inspector and so hang all over him during the inspection… and leave me free to inspect. Most of the time the client never knew I was the owner, and I liked it that way.

Anyway, one day after an inspection, I presented the client with the bill. She got on her phone and pretending to have called one Nick Gromicko, said…"Nick, is it OK if I pay you at closing? It is? OK. Thanks so much." She then turned to me and said “I just talked to your boss, Mr. Gromicko. He said I can pay at closing.

I was so stunned I just said “Oh… OK.” I would have been too embarrassed for her to reveal that I knew she wasn’t talking to Nick on the phone.