A leaky, moldy commericial office building in Southfield

Take a good long damn look please lol sheesh, hello anybody home?

Owner already tried raising n sloping the dumb grade lolol

Then a roofer told her exterior waterproofing was NOT needed!!! hahahaa He told her to raise the grade… MORE!!!

Can tree roots crack a basement wall?

Engineer says, ‘most definitely’
I don’t need an engineer to tell my guys n my ass this fact but doesn’t hurt this PE ‘gets it’

Idiots out here trying to tell my ugly ass that, what i have repeatedly seen, witnessed n then fixed spanning 40++ years isn’t true, pfft…You haven’t done much if any digging in order to uncover the facts right up close on site


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Been a while you crusty old coot. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: LOL!

Still fighting the good fight, I see.

Happy Thanksgiving!..to you and yours, Mark! Don’t be a stranger. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi ya Larry lol Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

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