Basement waterproofing, homeowner was getting water on floor at-near this corner, got it?

outside views of her ACTUAL problems, the exterior cracks in wall was why the corner leaked, NOTHING ELSE!

now INSIDE basement, same house… do YOU see ANY vertical corner cracks on the INSIDE of the stupid block foundation wall???

just because a home inspector or homeowner or city inspector or structural engineer or landscaper etc does NOT see ANY cracks on the inside of block walls does NOT EVER mean there are not 1 ++ ExxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTERIOR cracks

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Great information for inspectors to pay attention to exterior cracks, Mark.

Thanks for your expertise. :smile:

Mark, I learned a long time ago in this area that any foundation built with CMU, is not a matter of if it will leak, it’s a matter of when. And they will.
As you well know, I am not an advocate of foundation walls built with CMU. LOL


Does the inspector outlet sell a shovel to dig around and inspect for exterior cracks?

Mr Simon, lol, hey… if home inspectors do not know, understand this subject then keep their friggin mouths shut, pretty damn simple yet sooooooo hard for many, ya dig? No.
Have posted all kinds of videos done by home inspectors who state, claim all kinds of bogus bulllshit, why the fk they do that man? They inform many homeowners, sellers etc that all they need to do is raise n slope the stupid grade or add 29 mile long downspout ext’s and so on, dumb, stupid, incompetent shit, hellllo? Hold these idiots accountable if they are going to open their yappers to buyers, sellers and tell them that bull, its total lunacy. Why do many, NOT all home inspectors think they thoroughly understand waterproofing basements when its friggggn clear they do not, stop recommending bullshit supposed fixes, jesus krsstmas

YOU are NOT the experts on THIS subject, its friggin simple.

thanks Larry, i post videos etc, try to warn people YET keep having to put up with stupid bullllshit, some from home inspectors, some sad mfrs around.

Marcel, yes sir

I dig… (sometimes literally) but come on man! try to understand, we get paid to talk. If we kept our mouth shut, we wouldn’t look like we knew what we were doing and the client wouldn’t feel like they got their moneys worth. Ya dig :slight_smile:

That employs many in the industry, and when it fails they call Mr Mark, and then you, too, are employed :slight_smile:

You see, we try not to scare the client by telling them they would need to call Mr Mark and have him dig all around the house… you see, that sounds very scary, the house doesn’t sell, nobody is happy… so we tell them get a downspout ext and hope that would do. But, seriously, water management is a complicated and serious topic. Entire houses float away due to mudslides, and sealing exterior cracks never stopped mudslides, ya dig?

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Cheaply built house then… :roll_eyes:

I thought everbody knew it takes 30’ of downspout to keep the water out…

Depends where you start measuring

Nothing cheap about the force of water.

c’monnnn man, SCARE clients? Many just have 1 or 2 areas where there is an exterior crack so they’d simply need to do 1 or 2 areas, as in many of videos/jobs we’ve done.

Yep, another false claim ‘digging all around the house’.

Yet other HI’s have no problem recommending and allowing some idiots tear up the basement floor all the way around that most often costs as much or more than exterior waterproofing (yeah right depends who they hire)

Houses floating away due to mudslides, gee, i haven’t seen that occur here, but sure Simon, installing that inside shitball system would help with mudlsides pfft

Told ya, who said you need a shovel on your inspections… run a fkkkg water test IF someone (seller, buyer) really wants to know, shit some of these cracks i can see the TOP of them when i’m outside looking around. Sellers, many of 'em, screw them too, more lying sacks of shtt, yep

you bring up mudslides, lol what about lateral soil pressure n tree roots that cause many cracks, basements to leak… removing the roots and some soil helps, UNLIKE instaling a shttball INT system or piling a bunch of stupid ass dirt along the house

The house was built cheaply :smiley:

Look, here is the bottom line, most HIs are generalist, poorly educated in some areas, and just don’t understand better. If you want to change the industry, you have to go to the source that teaches them and rewrite/adjust the material being taught on the topic. HI should always defer to a specialist… nothing wrong recommending proper water management. However, if there is a clear water penetration from inside, it should be deferred for further evaluation by a specialist to identify and fix the issue, it’s that simple.

I thought you knew an inspection was visual…:smile:

I agree whole heartedly, Simon.

Well, darn! how am I supposed to see the exterior cracks if they are below grade! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe you’ll see something that indicates a leak on the inside. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And, I was trying to impress the importance of not glossing over cracks that one does see, is all.

as HIs, we’re not allowed to flood houses we don’t own. It’s something “you”, as an expert, hired by the homeowner is given permission to do to test/find the cause/issue.

yeah figured you/others would say that, and thats fkg fine, one point is some of your brotherhood love slapping youtube videos and/or writing frigging articles on this subject when they shouldn’t be, dig? sheesh man, like your boy to the NORTH, u know, Bullwinkle