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I have a little problem swallowing this here how about you guys


Can’t really make out the first picture of the neutral that well, but it appears to be uninsulated. Is that the case? If it is I have a story about my first encounter with a bare neutral in a service entrance!!

I can’t see the issue with the mast or the panel bottom. Can you lead us a little closer?

I did miss the doubled neutral and ground.

Here there would be a lug installed to bond the mast to the neutral in the triplex.

It is hard to tell that the neutral in the mast is uninsulated from the pic.

If that’s a bare neutral in the mast then wow! If it’s not bare then it looks kind of small.
Also, no mast insulator for the drop to attach to. I am surprised the POCO hooked this up.

The second pic I don’t know.

Was not very clear was I here is the story. #8 bare neutral at the weather head entrance did not and do not pull the meter but from what I could see in the panel this bare neutral continued through to the panel as in the second pic. There was no earth ground at the meter and could find no visible ground to any piping (full finished basement) perhaps it was grounded just could not see it but my thinking it is not.

This was on a 3k+ home with a 100 amp FP Stab-lok the buss bars indicated excessive heat blew me away first time to ever see this. Yes sparky will be visiting this home after my report. I have no idea why the electric company ever connected to this in the first place.

Looks like the wires show signs of burned insulation, and the two neutral and one/one or 2 EGC and Neutral under the termination are all incorrect there can be no dispute here!

There is a missing screw as well.

You don’t say Joe. It almost looks like you are looking for a dispute.
Between this post and all the other threads you are bringing to the top looking for adoration this topic is getting quite worn out. It seems like one huge pissing patch that you are trying to win through overwhelming the boards with posts.

Can you say beating a dead horse?

We have quite a few older installations here where the neutral is a solid bare #4 or #2 up thru the mast and out the weatherhead. These were obviously inspected and passed at one time, and have been in service for many years.

Petey, what sort of hazard would exist with a bare neutral in the pipe? I realize we don’t do it this way anymore, but I am curious if this is a hazard or not.

The neutral is pretty much always carrying <some> current. Any compromise in this conductor could cause anything it touches to become live.

Our NEC (Canada) states in Section 6- Services and service equipment: Wiring methods
6-308 Use of bare neutral in consumer’s service
The neutral conductor of a consumer’s service shall be permitted to be bare if this conductor is
(a) made of copper and is run in a raceway

How about down there?

If the #8 AWG copper conductor is large enough to carry the unbalanced load, it may* meet code here!!

***may- **part of this conductor is outside the raceway (mast conduit) and may not be correct. Will have to have to call AHJ on Monday. The first bare service neutral I found (new house; 2 years ago) only ran from the meter box to the distribution panel and was fully contained in a raceway. Rest of story and my reasoning/persistance later.

No one before my entry here saw the burned insulation, and trhe answer to your question is that the neutral issue is not a new one and has been around long before you entered into the field, I received an email from UL in the rule in UL 67 has been there befor the 1999 edition and that is posted on the other thread. :wink:

But it is touching the pipe which is bonded to the can. So even if it were insulated, and the connection failed at the weatherhead, the can could still become energized.

The only question I asked was do you reaize you are beating a dead horse. So you conveniently give an answer a question that was NOT asked.

I chose to avoid the vulgarities and will remain as professional as I can be, your attitude is not necessary. My panelboard was installed since 1981, that was and still is the issue and the still shows one wire per neutral terminal printed on the cabinet front.

That’s funny. Me too.
Nice try though with the vulgarities comment.

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