Here is a panel from today’s inspection, all comments welcomed.

What have you noted about it so far, Gary?

Moisture past or present.
Neutrals doubled with grounds.

No main breaker

It looks like a subpanel, which would not require a main.

At second glance, it looks like a split-bus. . .

That it is Jeff you can see the feeds on the left



dont forget the improperly marked white wire in the upper left side

What is the devise mounted on the right side of the panel . under the rats nest?

Doorbell transformer??? On 2nd look I don’t think so…

Absolutely, only the two-pole grey breaker(s) on the right side is missing the handle tie.

How can you tell that?

That is the isolation block/mount for the neutral bar.

This panel far pre-dates that code. Mentioning it would be IMO seen as unnecessarily picky. There is no danger/hazard at all there.

Other than that mass/mess of NM cables coming in that one sleeve, which I hate, and the things already mentioned, I can think of much else.
Were grounding electrode conductors and/or water bonds present?

Thanks for answering my dumb question Speedy.
Did not even notice the neutral bar being buried like that.