A new level of stupid

How do they come up with this stuff…:roll:

An old fuse panel was modified and the guts of a breaker panel installed. THe main 200 amp fuses were present, but they took the wires from the 220 fuse blocks below and used them to tap into the main 200 amp breaker on the robbed guts. Triple tapped.

A block of wood was then used to support the main breaker system and the grand finale was the main service neutral was broken in half.

Slab houses go quick when theres no power. :smiley:

I like the panel legend…looks like it was written on paper from 1892…which I’m sure was incredibly accurate as well…:slight_smile:


Electrical wiring fundamentals and Tennesseans don’t mix very well do they?

Don’t ya just love Redneck Sparkies!

That would be a great name for a band:)

it worked didn’t it? Honestly did you have power lolol

Ha-ha-ha! I relinquish all rights to you. Just send me the first CD! :shock::mrgreen::wink:

I unfortunately have no musical talent, but I’m thinkin’ my Guitar Hero band name needs a change…

I’m pretty sure I can fix it with some duct tape and maybe a little wire!!!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::shock:

I recommend a can of Great Stuff to fill the voids.

Must be something about Tennessee. You have the weirdest pics.