Look at this great work

Some one moved the panel at some time. The new conductors travel to the new box about 35’ away and are over-protected by a 100 amp breaker.

DSCF1332 (Small).JPG

DSCF1334 (Small).JPG

DSCF1333 (Small).JPG

Simply amazing what you will find…this is EXACTLY why the industry NEED HI’s…great finds and this one is going to make a local electrical contractor some money if they get it fixed.

I don’t see any problems. I did a job just like this the other day.


The pictures would make an nice addition to your Power point presentations!

NO doubt Mario…let me see…Steve can I formally have these images for possible including into my presentations

Speedy…you joker you…I know better of yu fella…lol

I had a similiar Zinsco the other day:D

Adams 207.jpg

Check this one out

All yours Paul.

Here is something that you can have Paul.

Acapulco and Taxco Jan. 2007 159.jpg


Doesn’t your camera take “color” pictures???

HA! Doug, it looks like the electrician sneezed while eating a powdered donut during install! WAIT,… PAUL!!! Did you do this?? :mrgreen: Just teasing Bro!

Hey, he just put that oversized breaker on there to prevent nuisance tripping!!! Give the guy a break, geeze!

Famous last words: “ANY fool can run wiring.” :shock: