It was HOT! HOT! HOT!

This was a booby trap ! This could have easily killed someone…Yep!
All wiring was cut out of the panel and in the attic.
The power company turned the power on yesterday.
I whole place could have burned down.

Always practice extreme safety when messing with the panel.

I had the RE call the power company and they killed it at the pole.

Good advice Thanks for sharing

Sure made the inspection easier.

Never seen that before.:shock:

Good reason to use sniffer before removing panel.
Dane crack head scrapers!

Made my heart skip a beat, when I looked at the first pic. Glad that you’re okay. Stay safe man.

That is happening here also , a very good reminder to check the panel

I would like to elaborate more but I’m on my phone. This was a booby trap set up to hurt the person that open the panel.I’d like to kill the prick that set it up.

WOW, :shock:did you inform authorities? We can all wait until you’re not mobile for the “rest of the story”

Was this a copper theft? Really odd. IF I saw no lights running in a home yet the main was on, Id get suspicious.

Im going to be honest with you guys, start taking covers off things with linemen gloves. I see so much hack work the gloves no longer bother me. Also don’t forget to stand back in case of arc flash.

I always check the panel before I touch it but HOLY SH^%@!!! MAN glad your okay :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:

Smart and safe…

Agree, You never know

I knew something was up when I was doing the exterior I seen the freon lines had been cut. I’ve seen this a few time in the past and I knew the place had been scavenged.
When I went inside the RE was flipping breaker cause all was dead. I told him to leave it alone until I evaluate it a little further. I noticed the coils had been removed from the handler . And when I looked up in the attic all wire with the exception of aluminum had been cut even with the top plates. I tic’ed the DF and it was cold. I put on my gloves and snached the DF off as fast as I could . The main was bent upward so when I remove the dead front the wires flopped down. I guess he wanted it to hit the DF and fry someone.
It would have probably done nothing more that make a big bang with sparks and would scare the crap outta someone…
However, Just remember you never really know what you may encounter out there. I use to carry a thick rubber mat (the kind you find in gyms) to stand on when I’m inspecting an outside panels. Just so I’m not the first source of ground. I must have left the mat somewhere, I got to get another.

I like to use the cover as a shield against arch flash. I’ve miss placed my lineman gloves, gonna have to get a new pair. I like the rubber mat idea too.

Thanks for sharing Roy.

Holy crap Roy!
Looks like an explosion waiting to happen (at the least).

ain’t that the truth

I have no fear of electricity but I do have a healthy respect that has kept me alive all these years. **Treat all electrical wires as if they are hot. **Until proven otherwise by testing. I once had a generator connection in a garage that was connected into the main panel and was just coiled up and hanging on the wall the male prongs was exposed where anyone could have brushed up against it. I have no idea why I decided to use my twiggy on that male connection but I did and it was hot someone had left the wire connected to a breaker and had forgotten to turn it off or disconnect it.???:shock:

A very serious problem with rigged up generator connections. That’s why there should be an interlock to prevent exactly what you’ve described. For what it’s worth many of the electricians I know have a similar setup in their own house. :roll: