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Hi all,
I recently posted under my husband’s name,(nsimpson) and decided to get a member name for myself so no one gets us confused. I enjoy this board for the most part, it is chalked full of information, as well as great people. Although I have not been on a home inspection (yet) I am heavily involved in the business aspect and would love to receive advice from the more experienced, as well as newer inspectors. Nathan has been so busy with inspections, he is lucky to get in, download his reports (which I will be taking over) take his phone messages, meet with me, then head to bed. Although a GOOD problem, still tiring. I have many questions, and I will be posting more later. Thank you all for all the help you give to inspectors everywhere!
Until later,

welcome Gloria .
My wfe and I have been doing inspections for many years together it works well for us .
Great place to meet many fine people and lots to learn .
What part of the country do you live in Is Your partner a member of any association.
All the best… any questions you can ask Roycooke@sympatico.ca

Hi Roy and Thank you for the welcome.
We are in Indiana, and Nathan is a member of NACHI. Before this, I worked in the office of an environemental lab, and I was a licensed childcare provider, owner of 2 for several years. I am very interested in the licensing of home inspectors. I have found, holding a childcare license in the state of Indiana, that if you are silent, the state will soon try to run you over. I was very involved in the regulation process (or lack of;-) ) for licensed childcare in my state, and unfortunatly, I am afraid for Indiana Home Inspectors. Do not ask me if I am for licensing of home inspectors yet, for I have not come to a conclusion on this. I do hope that NACHI keeps a very close eye on every state that requires licensing. Does NACHI have a lobbiest?

Great glad for you an open mind sounds good just listen ask if you have a question and every thing will fall into place .
We have a lot of great lady inspectors .
They have some great ideas but tend to sit quiet a bit .
Sort of overwhelming here with many men HIs and we some times become a little rambunctious.
My wife is a NACHi member who visits some time but seldom post’s.
Her Name is Char ( Charlotte ) and we live In Brighton Ontario Just across the lake from Rochester NY .
My son is an HIs in North Carolina just getting established in the south

OH BOY!!! you just opened a can of worms.

But seriously, welcome, you will find we are very involved in Licensing and have many opinions on that subject, hope you have a few grains of salt handy.

Now, remember, I said that I had not decided if home inspectors should be licensed, but for those that live in licensing states, we have no choice. What we do have is a eyes to watch, and a voice to shout, should licensing regulation get out of hand. It kind of kicked us in the rear when it happened here. I have to say though, as a licensed childcare provider, no matter how many regulations we had to abide by, and hoops we had to jump, those “bad” licensed providers still were operating business without recourse. There has to be a happy medium. Should my husband, a good honest businessman have to be fingerprinted because of one case of stealing during a home inspection? Heck no! There is always a bad apple in every bushel.

Gloria, I understand completely what your saying, I live in NH and we have had quite a battle with licensing here. We have two bills presently, one in the senate and one in the house. I’m not sure if either have a chance at passing but as I said, It’s a battle and your right you have to stay on top of it.

Could you send me a link to those bills by chance? I would love to take a look at them. If I could help NH Home Inspectors in anyway, please let me know. I am good at writing and on the phone! (I am woman you know…:smiley: )

I found SB 212-FN. Quite lengthy. You do not think that this bill will pass? I am not familiar with NH gov website, but now you have me intrigued.

Gloria, the two bills are as follows and I’ll briefly explain.

SB212, in the Senate but referred back to committee, this bill was written by the independent coalition of NH home inspectors, AKA, ASHI, this bill is based on ASHI membership requirements and is an attempt by them to control HIs in NH.

HB763 was put on hold to see what SB212 would do. This bill was written by Frank Carrio, our state chapter president, although this bill has many good qualities to it it is flawed because it mentions commercial inspections as part of the licensing and by no fault of Frank’s the NACHI sop ended up in it.

There has been a bitter turf war going on in NH for years regarding HIs and our legislators will distance themselves from anything that appears to be favoring one org. from another, which I might add works to our advantage.

I have SB212 pulled up, and my first thought, even before I read this post, was that it reaks of ASHI. I am wondering what a “trainee” was. Now explain to me, the new person, looking at this bill for the first time, why legislators distancing themselves for either organization works to your advantage?

Because, at this point I’m not in favor of it, and all one has to do is discredit one bill as being biased and do some leg work, put some doubt in theur minds and it causes conflict.

Favoring what appears as “good” home inspection legislation is like bringing a King Cobra home for a family pet.

There is no such thing as a good bill…for all bills go through a committee process of compromises and exchanges and very few end up looking like they did when they went in. Then, after the bill becomes law, it is subject to the interpretation of whatever group has the strongest lobbyists…bending and amending it to meet their particular needs.

Home inspection bills/laws are inherently evil as they begin as nothing more than one person’s idea of how others (not himself - aka “grandfather clause”) should be governed.

Licensing solves nothing.

NH is also battling regulation of contractors, there is none, after six years of bills they had one this year that passed the senate, this bill was downsized to a mere registration, not licensing, of contractors and it failed in the house.

Live Free or Die,

But please don’t smoke in restaurants, we would like you to put your seat belt on and by all means tell your kids to stay off My Space, big brother is watching.

This is what I am afraid of in a licensed state. The Home Inspection Licensing Board can change things at will, because they are given the power to do so by our legislators.
I have heard (and have an email to Ken Jones) that in Indiana, they upped the required training hours from 16 per year to 20, and changed licensing from bi annually to annually (paying the same price per YEAR, instead of every 2 years.) I go to the webpage, and there are no meetings minutes and ONE agenda posted there. I do not understand these closed door meetings, changing things without any input from the public, as well as the Home Inspector that it is affecting.

Why do you think this happened?

The house decided it could not be funded and stay within the existing budget.

In Missouri, builders and contractors are neither licensed or regulated. Not only do they have the powerful builders’ association lobby fighting against licensing attempts, but they have the powerful “realtors” association lobby fighting with them, as well.

It is argued that the expenses incurred by builders and contractors to comply with licensing laws will be passed on to the consumer in building costs. To real estate salesmen, this is felt to be harmful to their business.

So, at a house warming party near Wichita…where the builders of the home and the contractors he hired are unlicensed…and where the county has no building codes…a deck collapses and kills a guest last month (May 2007).

At the next political meeting between legislators and real estate salesman, the local congressman pledges to continue to keep the state free of costly building codes and licensed builders…and to renew his efforts next year to introduce home inspector licensing, to the cheers of those attending.

And there was me thinking that Village idiot was an honorary position, not an elected one!!



Hey, Gloria.

Glad to see you here on your own; I’m sure you know what I mean. :wink: :cool: