A response from PRO-LAB about an online video that mentions them

Happy Holidays InterNACHI Members, Our Loyal Customers and Friends. We have been made aware of a video published by a vulgar, unauthorized source. A source that does not have a micrology degree or the experience, background or knowledge to endorse, evaluate, or critique any environmental testing products. In the utmost of caution and to further PRO-LAB’s commitment to the Professional Home Inspection community, the environment and to increase the credibility and identification of indoor environmental hazards, we are publishing our United States Patent for the PRO-LAB P10 Spore trap air sampling cassette for your review.

The patent will assist you and educate you on the Airborne Particle Collection Device and Method details that factually prove the superiority of our sampling adhesive that was designed by Dr Daniel Perlman, Ph.D and manufactured by 3M. If you have any questions or concerns our team is more than willing to answer any questions you may have regarding our new and improved product. in addition, you are welcome to visit our AIHA accredited World Headquarters located in Weston Florida and experience the World Famous InterNACHI House of Horrors!



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