Free Mold Solutions Kit from PRO-LAB shipped right to your door.

Kit includes:

  • One Mold Swab
  • One PRO-LAB® Pre-Paid lab credit
  • One PRO-LAB® T-Shirt
  • One PRO-LAB® Iron-On Patch
  • One PRO-LAB® Chain of Custody
  • Pre-Paid Envelope

Those “Security Codes” you have to enter on that site are pretty much unreadable.

Pretty much the worst CAPTCHAs I have ever seen.


Thanks for the info our company wants to be the leader in our area for air quality and inspections

Sent for the kit, didn’t see any codes.

Hope they don’t call me every other day.

Any issues, concerns, etc.
Just let me know.
The VP is a personal friend of mine.

Thanks Marc.

I am getting suspicious in my old age.

They have been known to place many solicitation calls.
Just let me know if it happens too much & they wont stop.

I’ve been to the lab many times & it is a very clean one with not allot of chance for having your samples compromised.
EPA Certified.

They also make a written determination on the analysis, something most labs do not do.
This way, you & the players in the transaction can probably look at all the mumbo jumbo numbers, etc. & figure everything out, but they do make the call & put it in writing.
I feel it cannot be challenged & is not subject for debate.

Thanks Marc!

Your package will go out today. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Ben Fontan
VP, Operations
T: 1-800-427-0550 Ext: 268
C: (954)914-0014
F: (954)332-1007