A Roberts Gordon

What do you all say the age is of a Roberts Gordon gas Forced Air, Conventional furnace Model # GL-120A and Serial # 7802. Thanx

Never heard of them. Possibly a Canadian brand or a major/minor local brand. But if I were to guess, I would guess “old.”


Yes, as the CD report states that they last made them in 1969, I was just hopeing to get a closer date of it . thanx

Then I would report that it is “really old” instead of just “old.” :margarit:

How about “Exceeded normal life expectancy”

Roberts Gordon is a company in Buffalo New York on Williams Street.
They may be the best contact to answer your question.

Welcome aboard Mark glad to see you are posting .
You are just 8 years late on this string.

Think the Furnace is still working Roy ?

after 45 years it might be in need of a small over haul .