HVAC age assistance please

Any assistance in determining the age of this furnace would be very much appreciated.

Old General Electric Forced Air Gas Furnace:

Model #: 21LU0802A
Serial #: 574594 430

No ANSI date found.

Taking a second look… I am thinking it is 42+ years old

Based on the last 3 digits I believe it was manufactured in the 30th week of 1964.

Anyone think this is correct? incorrect?

1965-1973 is the best prestons can do.

Regardless it is past it’s usefull age and should be written up as such. Expect to buy a furnace in the near future.

GE currently uses the first two digits are the year, and the second two are the week. I don’t know how long the system has been in effect, though.

GE sold its HVAC unit to Trane in 1982, which was acquired by American Standard in 1984. My tech rep from Trane indicated that he believes this unit was manufactured in May of 1974. He is not 100% sure, but either way, this unit has far exceeded its useful life.