A S S H O L E Aaron Wise yet again

So I filed the 3rd complaint with the FTC over todays email. 3 complaints, 6 emails to ESA corporate, phone calls to corporate, put the domain into the auto purge, put the individual names into auto purge.

And the emails still come. So as a different tact, I have not started complaining to GoDaddy who has the registration for ESA Association. File your individual complaints at the link below. They are in violation of GoDaddy’s Anti-Spam Policy.


Only takes a minute or two.

I receive several emails from him yesterday alone. That’s on top of the other bunch of emails I’ve received before plus a phone call. I have repeatedly told him that I am not an inspector, but he doesn’t listen.

I’m glad I’m not the only one.

Anyone interested in a class action law suit?

I got a ‘friend’ request from ESA on Linked In. I took a course through them a couple of years ago and am still waiting for my diploma after numerous calls/e-mails. No one ever seems to be in the office. I read about all the horror stories on here and have decided that the certificate is not worth pursuing. Chalk it up to a learning experience. :roll:

I Had a dozen emails form him yesterday. it has been a constant battle for years trying to get them to not email me. I am filling out the complaint form for every email address he spams me.

I paid for a course a few years ago. It was misleading and not factual. Once I started the online course, I found out on slide 17 that, given my lack of sufficient experience, I would not be able to seek the type of work the course prepared me for. No mention of minimum experience was made in the course description. I sued in small claims court and won, but then ESA declared bankruptcy, so I ended up getting nothing. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THEM!!!

**UPDATE… on the latest tactics of SCUMBAG Aaron Wise… **

Received this email today…

Karma is a *****, eh Aaron?

I honestly believe it’s all BS and just another of his SCAMS! :mad:

I new to NACHI and this Forum, who and what is this ESA?


I have been getting them emails lately too, Is there some way to actually call him?

Scumbag Aaron Wise is at it again… this time using LinkedIn to make his connections through email!!!


Isn’t “Find an Inspector” an InterNachi owned entity?

Got spammed through LinkedIn yesterday by this scum bucket. I blocked him. Once a scum bucket, always a scum bucket. I take that back. He is a P.O.S. Scum buckets have a purpose.

Is it safe to say you don’t like this dude. Glad I don’t know people like that:p