Aaron Wise the A-Hole strikes again

So this time he gets a new domain on December 12th and with it a new email address so the SPAM is starting again. I have never done business with or requested information from this man or the company he represents. He would have only gotten my name from the NACHI membership roles or this message board.

No unsubscribe link. Nothing to stop his crap emails. This one has also been reported to my State Attorney General.

One step further, complain to the hosting company. Information below.

1 &1 Internet Inc.
Our Technical Support is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Telephone: 1-877-GO-1AND1 (1-877-461-2631)

You could also complain in mass to the Registrant
Calvin Zehring
(570) 326-7360
of course his email address is Aarons email address

Yes, the spammer is back, it was slowing down a little.

As suggested by Dale D I’ve been forwarding All emails from Aaron and Frank to : spam@uce.gov

Also; report to the Federal Trade Commission at this address http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/contact.shtm

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If he put an unscribe button on his site ,most would be ok with it.

I got the same email this mornig, thought it was odd he wanted a delivery conformation. of course did not confirn.

He has a guy named Frank that goes around to NACHI members harassing and tries to “extort” (even Aaron used that word on this message board) inspectors into join ESA. I thought when this was pointed out to Aaron that he would get this matter corrected, but he later continually contributed to the harassment.

He did before and it didn’t do any good!

I forward whatever junk email I get to his email address…:twisted:

He hits my e-mail every week!

I just got my first email today I feel so special

I was going to mention that you should spam him back, anything he sends along with any other spam you may have laying around in your spam box you can forward to him.

You are special. You even got to ride the short bus to prove it. :smiley:

Hey that wasn’t me it was Sean;-)

You…Sean…same thing

That is what i like about you damn Liberials group every thing together:mrgreen::mrgreen:

I thought it was only me. I emailed him a few times to remove me from his list but no luck. I received an email from him again this morning. I blocked his address - he is one stubborn spammer.

Great idea!!! I just forwarded over 20 SPAM messages to show my appreciation. I hope he needs single friends.:stuck_out_tongue:

short bus? Never heard of it.

But a lot of inner city dwellers in Fort Pierce FL get to Ride The Lightning every day!!!:twisted:

I get all the same crap and have asked NUMEROUS times to be removed from the list. And that is coming from another vendor, i.e me. I have personally emailed both of them and Frank seemed to get upset that I made the request to removed from the list by unsubscribing and also sending personal emails. So let me get this straight… I get spammed, request to be removed, and he gets an attitude with me??? What’s wrong with this picture? I also found it interesting that they changed the email prefixes to circumvent the blocking.

Honestly, is it a big deal to just press “delete” and get ride of the email? No, not really. But it’s the principle at this point.