A secret MAB forum members can't see. Is this rumor true?

Can anyone confirm this?

Here I am like a jack as$ refusing to even post in the members-only sections of our message board on the principle that all discussions should be open for all to see, refusing to discuss NACHI business outside of this message board, and refusing to hold closed door meetings… and now I hear a rumor that there is a secret, closed, MAB forum operating on a separate server somewhere. Doesn’t sound very NACHI-like.

Can someone from the MAB deny this rumor please. I will take your word for it.


Yes…There is a MAB forum that is only accessible to MAB members ONLY.

You’re kidding… Why?

Where is it and how do we members see the discussions?

Give us the link.


Is there a problem?

Disregard the other threads I accidentally started. Glitch.

Anyway, what is the link to the forum? I’d like to read it.

John, no problem… but if a committee at NACHI has a forum for discussing NACHI stuff I’m sure members would want to read it. No?

Why are you hounding on the MAB. You should see the secret hand slapping password protected method your ethics committee uses.

Where is it?

I’m not hounding anyone. I don’t have any passwords. True to NACHI I stay within the open-to-all forums. All I want to do is read the MAB forum… if one exists. Does it?

I agree. Let’s open all the emails, and stuff to the membership from both committees. Neither the ESOP or MAB should have anything to hide.

Does it exist, and if so how can we members read it?

I agree with John.

I sit here for hours, day after day, making myself available to all. Why hide?

I’ll stay out of this one.

If you’re interested in the MAB forum link, please inquire through the MAB members.

David, actually I’m not interested in what is being discussed. I am very interested that my fellow members who want to read it, can’t. So there is a secret, closed MAB forum somewhere?

Ron Dawes should be able to assist you.

Yes, It is their secret MAB forum.

Not much gets discussed there anyways.

Just give us the link so that we can read what you are all discussing. If it is a NACHI MAB forum we NACHI members want access to it.