A small, and well overdue, tribute.

For those who make it all possible…


Also, submitted to Google Video,with the NACHI tag, title and desctiption, and a whole lot of good keywords.

Let the NACHI name roar!! :mrgreen:


Man you are in the wrong business!! If had talent like that{creative} I would be an ART DIRECTOR for major ad agency!!



That was great. Especially the fella on the ladder in the front loader. He looks worse than he probably is.

Thanks Will!

Outstanding (as always), Will-
I’ll send this link out to the 2,400 on my contact list!

I will be making a couple more. My daughters all ‘surf’ the google videos. If we have videos out there that are funny, informative and have a nice beat (and are easy to dance to) and they have a NACHI tag line, hey, that’s marketing.

Feel free to send the link to Realtors. They will like it and it is a non-scary way to show their clients what a home inspection is all about.

Hope this helps.

Hi Will,
That is great! Excellent photos
only trouble is, I don’t have a wife:neutral:

very cool!!!

Way to go Will. =D> As always you are on step ahead. Guerilla Marketing at its best.

That was great!!! :):):):):eek::eek::eek::eek:

I thought I was the only one who found all
that goofy stuff I see on inspections. I am still

** (http://texas-inspection.com/Home_Inspection.wmv)*
Click To See Small Video Of
The Strange Things We Can
See Doing Home Inspections
"Dedicated To My Wife"



VERY Cool…

Cute… Good one Love it …Thanks for the chuckle …Roy Cooke


I think the video is way cool and my wife loved it too.

Not to be a wet blanket on putting it on everyones’s web site but have you checked into the copyright issues with using the Beatles tune? I’d hate to see anyone get a nastygram from Apple Records lawyers.

My lawyer says it’s fair use. For free and no cost, therefore no profit to be gained. Check with your lawyer.

I will make another couple and send them to NACHI for download from the NACHI site.

It isn’t original. Got the idea from another NACHI guy who put one on this web site. Cn’t find it now.

Tightened up, made bigger and better (according to my 13 year old daughter :wink: ) and moved to here:


Sorry, but hope this helps.

Rip it and use it!

Impressive, Will.

It seemed blurrier the second time around. Is that just because I had the play screen enlarged, because it didn’t seem universal?

I increased the size, so some of the pictures are more blurred, if they are low resolution.

BTW: Nick, offer a prize of the day. I will put together a promotional video, like this, for the winner. WIll take about 5 days. They dend the pictures (or I can pick some) and they send the music file and give me their idea on a theme. They should include their logo and some brief final page verbiage.

My daughter is a wiz at these things. A Masters degree and 25 years in Information Systems and my 13 year old can run rings around me on the computer. It’s now a young man’s (or girl’s) game.

So, the prize. I will make a promotional video, free to the winner.

I am working on a generic one, to be available for download from the NACHI site. I am going to use Crosby, Stills Nash and Young’s song “Our House”.

Comments, critique, great thoughts?