A Special Offer


Since the original idea behind my post on the ‘Need help selecting report software’ thread was to have NACHI members take a look at InspectMaster and not enter into a pissing contest with anyone, I’d like to make a proposal: With NACHI’s blessing (or barring any objections from Nick), I will give away free copies of InspectMaster to five (5) NACHI members that submit the most comprehensive reviews of InspectMaster (to be posted here on this thread). These reviews should cover the programs major features, so try to make them at least 2000 words long.

Any review that is quick and dirty (and/or where I can see that somebody is just faking it) will not be considered. Reviews that mention the most ‘hidden’ features and shortcuts will go to the top of the list. Creating new narratives is so simple that it may at first appear complicated. Accurate and short explanations on how to create new narratives will also be ranked highly.

In any event, the reviews should be totally subjective, so reviews that are not ‘favorable’ will NOT be rejected. I’m just looking for some honest feedback.

I reserve the right to use any portion of any of the submissions as testimonials to be placed on my website. After all, I am giving away $3000.00 worth of software. Do not submit a review if you do not want to run the risk of seeing your name on the InspectMaster website.

I will pick and announce the 5 winners on Friday, September 21, and send out registration keys at the end of the day, so if you are interested in participating, you have a full week to play with the software. I urge all participants to carefully review the ‘Tour’ guide that is on the website, as the program guide included in the program is outdated and in the process of being updated. However, it is my hope that you will find the software intuitive enough that you won’t have to do too much reading.

You can download the demo here: http://www.inspectmaster.com/demo.php

If there are any questions, please post them here so that all can see. I will answer them as quickly as possible.

All the best and good luck,

Martin Peterson

I …will be downloading a copy to check out your software MR Martin.
I …currently use Horizon which I am very happy with.
I…was concidering however going with no software at all in the near future in order to have better control over layout and get rid of the canned look.
My reports include lots of photos with object insertion (meaning illustration arrows and small text for you jokers), and my rating of the product will reflect these needs.That is one problem with cheaper programs like Report host.
Try and change the look. (Good Luck on that)
Presentation is as important as the words inside the report in this guys opinion.

Mr. Peterson,

You have mail at sales@inspectmaster.com & support@inspectmaster.com as you didn’t leave contact information here . . . thanks for the opportunity to review your software.

Sending you an email also, Martin . . .

You may still be in the hunt . . . September 21st has come and gone and no winners being announced, maybe it will be in September of '08 . . . good luck!

Does it have a TREC report template? Texas use promulgated report forms

We’ll see-
So far, it’s wanted me to download a couple updates / programs, and I haven’t even gotten to the HI program yet, on this iffy w’less connection out here in the mtns with bad weather.

Any comments, from those who have tried it?

I’m looking to see if this will incorporate my personal MS Word report easily.


Make that three, plus the program.

Not feasible.

I did one so far, & it glitched upon installation.

I guess I need just a one-cd pkg.

37 MB-
Martin, I’ll try it on a cd, if you’d like to ship it, along with all the JAVA, run-time, quick-time, etc -


37 MB-
Not a feasible download.


Wal, that sheds a whole new light on the subject!

Please read this, which I’ve posted in various other places about Martin Peterson, alias Martin Hewitt. And follow what others have said as well.

Many of you now me as a former VP of NACHI, the President of Porter Valley Software (PVS), and the author of the narratives in InspectVue Residential and InspectVue Commercial. Many of you also know, Nick included, that I never try to sell my software; I demonstrate it when asked and then advice inspectors to check out other software. In fact, I nearly always nod toward Home Gauge. Nick, and Russell of Home Gauge know this).The free enterprise system works wonderfully well, without any help from me. As an existentialist, I’m faced with the responsibility of making me who I am and for making the world a better place. That being said, I have to step into the fray.
You will notice that NACHI has a “new user,” a person identified as Martin Peterson who, by his last post, is revealed as Martin Hewitt, a “new vendor” hawking his software: Inspectmaster. Well, let me tell you something about Mr. Hewitt. He is a former user of InspectVue who has shameless ripped-off huge blocks of my narratives, which now appear in InspectMaster. I have spent several days documenting this beyond any shadow of a doubt, and am consulting with an attorney with a view to prosecuting him. In the meantime, I intend to foward the proof to Nick. In the meantime, please call me direct at PVS (800) 388-4541, and I’ll tell you more about Mr. Hewitt and his software. Like Mark Twin, I can lie but I won’t.

I’m thinking the price may go down a bit.

. . . like to zero, see Keith’s post above or here:

I’ve just learned from Carl Fowler of 3d Inspection Software, another competitor of mine and another vendor I respect, that Martin Hewitt infringed on 3D’s coprighted material in July of this year (a fancy way of saying "stole from Carl and 3d), and was sent a “cease and desist” letter. If anyone has Hewitt’s software send it back to him and consider the software of decent honest vendors, like Dominic J. Maricic, Jeff Knight, Carl Fowler of 3D, and Russell Buchannan of Home Gauge. Speaking for Porter valley Software, I’ll make damn near any deal to keep a crook out of the market place.

I’m very happy NOT to have purchased this software . . . didn’t have a clue about how this software came about . . . I did take the time to review and send comments back to him, now I just wonder how I can keep my name off his site because of his statement above . . . really don’t want to be asspciated with him.


I don’t know how to help you; I’m a totally computer-dummy, but don’t tell anyone.

Ok, thanks . . . uh . . . uh, I won’t pass the word along, nope not me! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I would just send an email to him telling him not to use your quotes as he falsely represented himself and his software. If he decides to use it anyways you can report him to the Better Business Bureau.