InspectMaster inspection software for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux

[FONT=Trebuchet MS,Verdana, Arial] InspectMaster inspection software is now on sale ($595.00) and available for downloading and your perusal at IM is written in Java so it runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It is narrative-style software, not checklist or checklist/narrative hybrid. I welcome feedback/reviews (posted on this site) from anybody who has the time to really go through it and check out all that it has to offer. It has features that none of the other programs do, such as drop-down text boxes, the ability to enlarge the screen font size (which works great on small notebooks and UMPC’s), macros to build your own custom documents or customize the ones that ship with the software, a place to park notes and codes, and lots more. I am already using it in the field and I’m loving it.[/FONT]

I love the idea someone has finally figured out how to cross platform an app - cause I love my Mac.

One problem I have had is entering info into the drop down menus - neat feature, but no info on how it in the on-line users manua (most likely I have missed it).

I’ll be working with this this evening since first impressions are “most excellent.”


Never mind about the drop down issue, I found the instructions under the “Tour” menu.

Many of you now me as a former VP of NACHI, the President of Porter Valley Software (PVS), and the author of the narratives in InspectVue Residential and InspectVue Commercial. Many of you also know, Nick included, that I never try to sell my software; I demonstrate it when asked and then advice inspectors to check out other software. In fact, I nearly always nod toward Home Gauge. Nick, and Russell of Home Gauge know this).The free enterprise system works wonderfully well, without any help from me. As an existentialist, I’m faced with the responsibility of making me who I am and for making the world a better place. That being said, I have to step into the fray.
You will notice that NACHI has a “new user,” a person identified as Martin Peterson who, by his last post, is revealed as Martin Hewitt, a “new vendor” hawking his software: Inspectmaster. Well, let me tell you something about Mr. Hewitt. He is a former user of InspectVue who has shameless ripped-off huge blocks of my narratives, which now appear in InspectMaster. I have spent several days documenting this beyond any shadow of a doubt, and am consulting with an attorney with a view to prosecuting him. In the meantime, I intend to foward the proof to Nick. In the meantime, please call me direct at PVS (800) 388-4541, and I’ll tell you more about Mr. Hewitt and his software. Like Mark Twin, I can lie but I won’t

This same letter is posted else where but feel it should be here to thanks … Roy

Having Known Kieth for many years and communicated much with Him I put him at the top of gentlemen I would give my compete trust to .
He is I feel one of the true gentleman of this world.
Incidentally I still use and will continue to use a check list so his company has no bearing on my statements.
Kieth so sorry this has happened and it is a shame these things go on so glad you found out about it and posted for all to see .
… Roy Cooke

I’ve just learned from Carl Fowler of 3d Inspection Software, another competitor of mine and another vendor I respect, that Martin Hewitt infringed on 3D’s coprighted material in July of this year (a fancy way of saying "stole from Carl and 3d), and was sent a “cease and desist” letter. If anyone has Hewitt’s software send it back to him and consider the software of decent honest vendors, like Dominic J. Maricic, Jeff Knight, Carl Fowler of 3D, and Russell Buchannan of Home Gauge. Speaking for Porter valley Software, I’ll make damn near any deal to keep a crook out of the market place.



What have you got to say now?

You might as well throw away your software, as it’s not going to sell now. You’re all over the internet.
I can’t believe you would steal someone else’s ideas and try and profit from it.

Good luck with Keith’s attorneys.

Get ready…give it a good lube and spread 'em… Heeere it comes.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Martin is the first person i have seen with a Red Box on top. I think if he gets enough red boxed he gets baned from the MB.

As Johnathan Swift said sveral hundred years ago: “I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see them not ashamed.” Shine on, Hank.

I wonder if they’ll announce the time and date of the Public hanging?

As inspectors, I’m sure many of you have noticed that cockroaches disappear as soon as a light is turned on. The bright light of truth illuminates everything and has exactly the same effect.

Since I have no access to Keith’s software could someone as a neutral party explain how close the narratives are.Just curious as an outside party.

About as close as the NACHI standards are to ASHIs standards that 100s of ASHI inspectors spent 1000s of hours over several years developing.:roll: :roll:

Whats your point?
Thanks for the hard work, we can take it from here.

Who knows, that may be the same thing the inspect master guys are thinking along with hoping to become the next nacho vp, director at large and editor in chief :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I personally have been using Inspectvue for about four years now. I find it to be the easiest program to use. With that said the presentation of the report it what impresses my clients. I have looked at HomeGauge, 3D, ITA Matrix, InspectPRO and Inspectvue is by far the best. I am a lifer with Inspectvue.


Don’t go away angry.

Just go away.

There are Organizations in need of Individuals like You. You would be more than welcome (with a Check).

NACHI is not one of them…


I can see I’ve stirred up quite a hornet’s nest. I guess I should start with Keith Swifts defamatory accusations about me ripping off his narratives from his own InspectVue software. It is true that I was a former user of InspectVue, which I still consider to be the finest inspection software available on the market today. Keith’s narratives that were included with the software when I first purchased it were superb, but over the years (5?) I have changed/tailored them to meet with my personal requirements. These are the naratives that went into InspectMaster, as I felt that they had evolved past the point where I would/could be accused of theft or copyright infringement. I would therefore ask that Keith provide me with a list of any/all narratives that he feels are exclusively his and that he has copyrighted, and that he would like to see removed from InspectMaster. I will review them and then take whatever action I think is appropriate. If he is not satisfied, then I would suggest mediation or arbitration, as I have very little regard for attorneys. I have a lot of respect for Keith, and consider him to be one of the most upstanding individuals that I have ever met. He is a true gentlemen in a world that is rapidly running very short of true gentlemen. It truly saddens me that he has attacked me so viciously.

With regards to Keith’s allegations that 3D sent me a letter to stop using a page from their website about home inspection software, there is some truth to this. Before InspectMaster was available for sale, I had copied and pasted the content of this page directly onto my (new) website where I also had planned to have a page about home inspection software. It was placed there temporarily, and I had every intention of writing my own page that reflected my own opinions and comments, which I did before placing InspectMaster up for sale. It was temporary filler, and that was all. My apologies to 3D if they thought I meant to use it permanently. I most certainly did not, as it was rather poorly written and attacked other home inspection software companies.

With regards to my special offer to give away five copies of InspectMaster, I will readily admit that it was a complete failure. It would appear that everybody is quite happy with the software they are currently using.
I received only 1 ‘review’, which was nothing more than a series of screenshots which, by the authors own admission, took him less than 2 hours to make. It was not a review at all, and certainly was not worthy of a free copy of InspectMaster, and I have not and will not use anything that he wrote in any testimonials on my website.

To all others who joined in on the attack, both on the software and on my character, I have absolutely nothing to say to you. Your words and actions speak for themselves. I can only assume that you either have something to gain from your remarks, or that you just have nothing better to do with your time.

I believe that InspectMaster is a solid product that offers a lot of value for the price. The software works extremely well for a 1.0, and I look forward to using it every time I begin an inspection. And that says a whole lot.


Martin Hewitt, former NACHI member

NOTE: Yes, I chose to use the username ‘Martin Peterson’ on this MB to avoid any confrontation with Nick, who I enjoyed sharing vicious emails with several years ago regarding NACHI and it’s minimalist membership requirements and his personal attacks on ASHI and other HI organizations.