A test: guess what caused this damage

What caused these holes?

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Some kind of bees?

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Nope. That was my first guess, Larry.

Wood boring beetle?

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Powderpost beetles?

Nope. Not that either, although most people would assume that.


Woodworms, that actually turn into beetles, wood that was lying on the ground before milling

Nope to both Marc and Bryan.

Anobium Punctatum



Joe Wins!
This photo is from a deck in Washington state. Sawmills would store logs in saltwater until they were ready to mill them.

Joe, how did you know? I just found out about this by chance this morning.

In all honesty, I had to use google. Not the kind of damage I run across in Wisconsin.

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Joes right not wi

Google counts! Any way we can gain knowledge and spread it around is a good thing. It’s just a little more fun if you can make a game or a challenge out of it.


Joe…You still get this virtual Major Award which I to, googled…image


Must be Italian :grinning:


Way to go, Joe! :smile:

I thought it was Carpenter ants, or uncles.
Way to go, Joe.
Take the shade off the lamp if you going to use it at night. Lol.

Here you go Kenton