Is this some type of bug damage?

The pictures are on the bottom of the roof deck. Looks like bug damage. Looking to see if anyone else has encountered this.

Research “powder post beetle damage” and see if it compares to what you observed.

White pocket rot

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That was my first thought when I saw it.

Thank you. I was not familiar with that one.

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Looks like mostly pre-mill damage to me. Common on 50s/60s era places (at least in my area). The open/oval holes are galleries being cut open. No insect could/would make that pattern of damage after the wood was milled and used. The white-ish haze could be something though.

Definitely not beetles… (again, at least not any I’ve seen in my area). Beetles make circular holes like a dart board and those holes are oblong.

Another indication that it’s pre-mill (before the wood was placed) is that different pieces of wood right next to each other (rafters v. sheathing, etc.) have varying amount of damage. If the damage happened after construction it would be (somewhat) consistent in all wood in close proximity.

Here are a couple pictures I’ve saved over the years showing pre-mill damage and wood beetles. OP’s sure looks like pre-mill but without being there it’s hard to say for sure (pre-mill upper, wood beetle lower)

One last thought - over the years I can’t ever recall finding active damage in golden brown lumber but when I do find damage it’s always in darkened, moist/damp/unventilated wood. Note the difference in my two pics - upper is pre-mill so no current environmental problem, lower is active due to poor conditions in current location.

. pre-mill
wood beetle damage

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When it is suspected pre milled do you make a note in your report? If so how would you comment about it? Thanks for the info.

That is the remnants of cellulose

Good one - cracked me up… … …

Poet like! vivid imagination.

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I usually don’t but there’s nothing wrong with pointing it out with an opinion that it’s not thought to be active. Is there a separate termite inspection typically done in your area or is that part of what you do as well? If there is a separate inspection I’d probably be more likely to just defer to them. In Oregon, HIs generally do the termite inspection as well so I’d just be deferring to myself :slight_smile: