A Wonderfull Mess

2nd time I have seen this.
The entire floor framing was spray foamed with closed cell. Why I don’t know. I can only guess it was a effort to try and waterproof the space.

With the spray foam I disclaimed all wood framing, because it cant be seen.
The real issue was the original problem was moisture or humidity. Adding the foam seemed to increase this, and I suspect its due to moisture vapor not being able to transfer through the wood framing.
All the duct work and foam was sweating and adding massive amounts of moisture in the space. I would suspect that prolonged, the insulation and duct work would eventually deteriorate.

I am also curious about electrical wiring coated in this stuff and concerns with added insulation creating a de-rating scenario.

So I had a wet nasty dripping mess with lots of old trash and insulation on the crawlspace plastic. Why didn’t they just fix the damn ventilation issues instead.
Thoughts or opinions.

I love spray foam… but yep that’s a little crazy… :slight_smile: …no further comment…


I agree, the main issue is the humidity control and ventilation. Obviously this was not addressed. Spray foaming the floor system with closed cell may protect the wood to a point, but you never know until its too late if moisture is getting back into the joists. Still have to get rid of the dew point problem.

I believe you are right to be concerned about the electrical wires as well. So is this guy. Apparently it is not a code issue (yet). If the circuit is overdesigned it will never see its maximum rating, but I know that if you turn on all of an electric range’s burners including the oven it will trip a 30 Amp breaker :slight_smile:

I’m just glad that crawl spaces are a rarity and not the norm here.