Had a double pole 30 amp breaker today wired with 10/2 wire and on side of the breader open. It was for the a/c unit. Not sure what the other letters stand for on the panel. Is this acceptable. I believe it is the wrong breaker for the application.

Ridge Hill 036.jpg

Ridge Hill 033.jpg

Typical AC units require 240 volts and a 2 pole breaker.

Perhaps the breaker purpose has been changed and not relabeled as to its new usage. Did you verify that this was for the AC? What did the nameplate call for?

probably “electronic air cleaner” It should be a single pole breaker. My mom always said “if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

Looks like they have installed an Ultra-Violet light to combat mold in the air handler. Did you see a window on the air handler or furnace with a blue light showing through?

I’ve seen a few of these lately on high end homes.


Lots of them here. I haven’t personally seen a difference in the amount of mold in the homes with them, but maybe that’s just me. Snake oil works too…;-):D:D:D