Will this lead to a change in how we write reports in California?

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #1

California State Senate Committee Bans Saying ‘He’ and ‘She’

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #2

Welcome to the Twilight Zone. There’s no turning back.

(Albert Villegas, Sr.) #3

We have some crazy democratic’s in this state beyond belief.

(Ian W. Mayer, CMI) #4

I’ve never used “he” or “she” in a report, so no.

But hey Nick, if you’re so interested in dumb CA Laws, how come you didn’t do anything about the absurd lawn sprinkler inspection law?

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #5

I think I retired just in time. Is there a “free” warranty that covers sprinklers?

(Ian W. Mayer, CMI) #6

Ask NT. lol

But it does say:

Bill Text - AB-2371 Water use efficiency: landscape irrigation.

So only CRIEA is authorized to estimate how many inspectors might comply with a law that is completely voluntary to follow.

(Scot Baker, CMI) #7

After all California is in it’s name. Nobody else cares except for reporting on this nonsense.