Above ground pipes

Hey guys,

I would love some help here!

, I couldnt find anytbing about this on the
InterNachi site.

Obviously I can flag this as a tripping hazard and as having potential for damage to the pipes.

But what does plumbing code say about this? What would be standard? Is there an amount of dirt or an encasing material that could get this, at least up to code. I am in Hawaii and our plumbing code mirrors the internation code.

Thanks for your time!!

Looks like some pipes in the yard. You have not described anything about these pipes. What are you looking for exactly?


I would not do that.

Are you performing a code inspection?

Finally, what was the purpose of the pipe? Irrigation? Potable water? Sanitary sewer?


So you think those pipes are plumbing? I’m not so sure.

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These are active potable water pipes running above ground

I know for a fact that they are

What are the pipes supplying?

Active potable water pipes serving numerous units

Where are the pipes going to?

they serve either 8 or 12 townhouse units

I was asked about code/standards

So you send us a picture of pipes wanting help. No description about the site or purpose of the pipes. You know what they are for, so you say. You know they are for a 8 no wait maybe a 12 unit townhome. So is there a question here?

My advice. Contact a local plumber because I don’t think you know what you are looking at.

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There are two sourcea that feed 8 and 12 of the units, but no one seems to know which feeds the four in the middle. I am nit sure the relevance of the difference, but I can find out if needed.

This is Hawaii, and neither the plumber who did this and the plumber who would come to fix it are reliable for information on codes

That would be a really odd way for the local utility to run supply piping. Looks like it was a recent project. Are these temporary? Or is work not completed yet?

In any case, you can just report that piping was exposed and subject to damage if left that way.

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My thoughts exactly.

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A plumber just re-routed the supply downsteeam of the main shut off and meter, after damage from roots.

I was thinking that there must be a rule against this, especially because an explosion upon damage could turn deadly.

not supposed to be temporary. Once again, I am in Hawaii. You would be shocked at the negligent things you see here

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I mean Hawaii is a far cry climate wise than what we have here in MN. But I can’t imagine any area allowing supply piping to be laid on the surface like that.

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At the minimum, it has to be protected from stress, settlement or damage. Since he is interested in Code, this may help but I would definitely consult or elevate to a qualified plumber. Not having qualified persons on a particular island is a problem for the customer.

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It’s made of vinyl chloride and organotin compounds which can cause negative health reactions and are carcinogenic. Chemicals usually stay locked inside the pipe material but can leach into your water supply. In fact, drinking water from a PVC pipe may have a plastic taste to it…