Plastic pipe

Found this during an inspection yesterday. It does not look like PB, but rather piping for campers and rv’s and such. Sorry for the picture not being close enough to see what was stamped on it. Whatever it is, it was only secured at the connection to copper supply and at the faucet. Any help would be great, report due tomorrow night.DSC05847.JPGDSC05846.JPGDSC05849.JPG

Thinwall PVC. Many hardware stores carry it. Need the marking off of it to verify. Most AHJ’s do not allow it. Unsure what ‘code’ says about it.

hot water rated pvc? stuff i saw was just like the white pvc, same id and od, same primer/cement

I see it alot on re-pipes here in Florida. The pipe label should state for potable water. It does need to be properly supported.

It should be CPVC and not PVC for water supply.

What can you tell us about the waste pipes in the second pic? Pic upside down? :shock:

It doesn’t matter if it is PVC or CPVC for water supply, it matters that the hot water is piped in CPVC because PVC is NOT rater for the temp of hot water.

Also, CPVC solvent glue is required

Nothing wrong with pic 2

Gravity… :wink: :smiley:

Uphill ???

That’s what I was “referring” to. :lol:

Pic number 2 is right side up. It was tapped from the copper supply, then about 8 inches down toward the floor, ran along the foundation, split- one way to basement bath sink, and the other way to a “slop-tub”. 2 areas actually had a negative slope, and all was not supported except what you see in pic 2. Metal straps to floor joists. OD was 1/2 inch. Client was going to ask for a credit of some dollar amount. He even said, “its coming out!!!”

Under the IRC PVC is not permitted for water distribution piping (both hot and cold) … it must be CPVC. PVC is only allowed for (buried) water service piping.

See IRC Section P2905.5 …

That is correct and what I meant to say. CVPC only inside the structure.

Apparently my mind and hand typing isn’t working well

Mark… I was referring to the **waste **pipe behind the water supply. I am assuming that section going vertical is a vent pipe? if so, still not best practice, but a broader view would be nice.

P.S. That looks like plastic (PVC/CPVC) supply pipe, and possibly a short length of PEX piping for the connection at the fixture.

Did you make a note of the markings on the pipe even though it wasnt visible in the pics?

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