ABS for Waste and PVC for Vent allowed?

Designing Single family home in Hudson Valley New York. In wall plumbing can cause lots of issues for Thermal, Vapor, Water and Air Barriers.

Was thinking of using ABS for Waste and PVC for Vent would that be allowed?
The PVC to ABS would use “Oatley ABS To PVC Transition Green Cement”.

Plan is to have a small conditioned crawl space under bath, laundry, portion of kitchen, laundry and mechanical room. All plumbing drains and supplies would be run in the crawl space so would be accessible in future for service. The vents would be U-turn vents and connect in crawl space. Having the ABS be vent and PVC be waste would eliminate confusion.

U-Turn Vent


Better call your AHJ (local plumbing inspector) before installing. You might have to use a transition coupling.

Your AHJ knows what he will allow.

Typically only one transition fitting is permitted between ABS and PVC.

Plumbers don’t normally “color code” the DWV pipe.
Pick the material used in your area, and install that one type.


You cannot use an island vent just any place that you wish. They are for specific applications with specific requirements. They still require vents through the roof. Based on the question that you posed, I will tell you frankly, that you are not qualified to design your own DWV system. Hire a plumber, get the permits, have the inspections done. You may be able to design your system so that the vent stacks pass through interior partitions which will minimize the effect on your thermal envelope and reduce any related air leakage. All penetrations through plates and between floors should be fully sealed. Supervise the foam sealing and draft stopping closely as it is often done sloppily, leaving significant gaps which permit air leakage (do this for all penetrations).



I never seen any pipe labels on a residential DWV system, ever.
Large commercial, and industrial, maybe, depending on the build.

But I suppose the OP builder or designer may want to label his DWV for some reason, who knows…I say let the plumber figure out the minutiae for the new build.

Thanks for help. Green glue can be used on vent line but transition coupling is needed on waste lines. I spoke with inspector and he like the idea that plumbing would be exposed for repair so the U-turn vents could be approved the color code of the vent and waste would need to discussed with entire inspection staff. I have contacted a few plumbers and they would not get involved until plans were complete. I am reaching out to plumbers who do commercial work. Maybe they would be willing to get involved in the design work.