AC condensate drain into plumbing vent

Is there a code that explicitly prohibits this?

This is all I can find about the primary condensate drain in the IRC:

“M1411.3 Condensate disposal. Condensate from all cooling
coils or evaporators shall be conveyed from the drain pan outlet
to an approved place of disposal. Condensate shall not discharge
into a street, alley or other areas where it would cause a

050610 128.JPG

What does your code book say about DWV lines Joe??

03 irc 1411.3 No direct connection to waste of vent pipe…UMC is similar

Joe, the condensate line needs to have a trap that will not dry out if it is tied into the DWV system, or an air gap or a trap tail piece…

Also I believe the Condensates lines is not “Listed” in the code to make that connection into the DWV system…

And I can not tell from your picture but if that is any type of saddle connection is is prohibited in the DWV system…

It did have a ptrap (but incorrectly had the cleanout downstream of the ptrap).

The vent simply had a hole cut into it and the c-drain was inserted into the hole. I know it’s not right, but can’t put my finger on anything to back me up.

I’m writing it up anyway.

If you look in the DWV section of the code, you can not have a saddle connection in the DWV system…

In a nutshell that is not an approved connection for the DWV system…

Thanks Brian. You’re a great help.

I’m trying to get done. Got 3 tomorrow and I’m bushed.