AC info

I got all the Lennox information from the unit: Elite Series
Model: HS29-036-1P Serial: 5899D1025

can someone help with age? and I didn’t see capacity of the unit on the manf. label.

Oh, and water heater Whirlpool
Model: GFG1F5040T3NOV Serial: 0637128842

as always, THANKS.

Builder grade unit. 33,400 BTU (3 ton, to most people). 1998-2003. 9 or 10 SEER, depending on vintage.

Can’t thank you enough. You are a wealth of knowledge! thanks again.

the number in the model# that is divisible by 12 is usually, if not always, the tonnage. In this case, it is a 36 or a 3 ton.