AC older than House?

well here is another conundrum, home built in 2007 has a 2006 carrier air handler and a Fedders condensing unit, the label is almost illegible, but all the cheat sheets show fedders AC system date codes up to 1977? serial number looks like DT 267794 103x Any help with this?

I didn’t check the date code, Ken, but it is not unusual to have an appliance of some sort that is a year or more older thanthe home. Often, the unit is stocked in the warehouse until one is ordered and voila! have an older on than the current year. I’ve had them 10 or more years older than the house because the person took it from another house and put the newer one elsewhere. I list it as I see it.

Sure, I am with you on that point. But too many other things about this house jump out, all new Frigidaire appliances, new faucets etc, I think the house was stripped before the foreclosure, it sold for over 600k and investors bought it fo 300

House was started in 9/1/2006; HVAC *was manufactured **on 10/02/2006 *; final occupancy permit 01/01/2007 ?

What did the house sticker say? Got a picture?

Can’t speak to how they do it in your area but here there is an insulation verification tag or card usually inside the air handler closet. It will have the dates the insulation was installed giving you a very good date for construction on the home. I have had homes in the past where it was listed as being built in a certain year but everything about the home said otherwise. One particular home was at least 5 yrs older than being advertised in the MLS and both real estate agents were claiming it was one age when in fact it was not. I informed the customer (my customer) of the actual age and she ended up walking. The listing agent tried to keep her earnest monies but when the facts became evident, they made the broker return her money.
The agents excuse at the hearing was, “Yeah, but it was vacant for 3 yrs so those don’t count”…:shock:

I always go to the county Property Appraiser’s website where there is usually “eyb” estimated year built and the “ayb” actual year built. The first is the yr construction was started, the second is the yr it was completed and a Letter of Occupancy was issued. Even that is not always correct…

You got to be on your toes, gather the FACTS and present your findings regardless of where they go or who they piss off. Your name is at the top of the list for being thrown under the bus if it all goes South.