Date and tech info for packaged unit

Can anyone provide a date for this ceiling mounted packaged HVAC system? Also trying to locate tech info if available. Unfortunately the only legible/useful tag is shown here.






That air handler is probably as old as the building. I have called “First” before and they were very helpful on the phone, I was inspecting an apartment building and the owner was telling me and the buyer the air handlers were all replaced and were not the original units…well “First” had the information about who bought them and when on file, I couldn’t believe it, but they knew everything about who the contractor was, the date they were ordered, and delivered to the address, wild!!!

So I would give them a call.


I’ll give them a try tomorrow. If I can obtain any useful info for S/N, dating, etc., I’ll post it here.

Thanks Dale!

10-4 Manny…If I remember correctly, the man I talked too there said they really did not have any means to identify a unit unless you called them with the serial numbers, I thought that was odd, but I am almost positive that is what he told be about their old equipment.

Anyway…good luck…and if they do have a way to identify the age, yes, please post it, I could be wrong…I do run into these air handlers a lot in apartment buildings and old Condo’s.