Accordian drain pipe

I wouldn’t ever use these. I always say they should be vertical if used at all, but that’s just my opinion.

Is there a reason to call this out, other than it’s “unprofessional looking”? It isn’t leaking (yet).

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Drains should be, and work better when they are, smooth inside. :slight_smile:

The ridges collect gunk which is called “fouling”, and are more prone to clogging.

That’s why I don’t use them or recommend them. This is a verbal comment I always use with my clients.

So it’s not being too nit picky to put in the report as a defect? I haven’t seen a code against using them.

I see it more and more every month, This was the first time I have seen it from the garbage disposal

Concealed fouling areas are prohibited in most areas.

There’s nothing right about that disposal, Eric! no loop, extension cord for power, horizontal flex, radiator hose from dishwasher…

Must have been a West Virginian who transplanted to Ca! :|.)

I find them also, I report sub-standard plumbing material, prone to clogging

It should also be smooth on the inside, rigid to avoid clogs, this isn’t. I call out every one.

From the Illinois Plumbing Code:
Section 890.410 Fixture Traps/Continuous Waste
Type of Traps. ***Traps shall have a uniform and smooth interior, and shall have no partitions or movable parts. The trap seal shall be non-adjustable. (See Appendix D.Illustration C.) ***

That would include bottle traps which are popular in high end properties.
Do you call those out and recommend removal ?

I don’t call out the older drum traps for replacement, just make a comment them. Old style, greater chance of clogging.

okay, thanks a ton, guys. Here is what it says in the report…

“Drain pipes should have smooth walls to promote proper drainage and prevent clogs. There is a corrugated type drain in the master bath which has been installed horizontally. These type of drains are prone to clogging, and should only be installed vertically if used at all. Contact a qualified plumbing contractor to replace drain pipes with proper material.”

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They aren’t allowed at all.

your comments are wrong as others have tried to point out

hth get it through to you

Drainage pipes and fittings shall have a smooth interior waterway of the same diameter as the piping served. All fittings shall conform to the type of pipe used. Drainage fittings shall have no ledges, shoulders or reductions which can retard or obstruct drainage flow in the piping.

ignorance or absence of code is no excuse

why not report what you’re paid to report

Sad thing is that compared to the rest of the home, this wasn’t so bad. It was one of the wear your mask and wipe you feet on the way out so nothing is tracked outside.

“Code” requires drain lines to be a smooth wall interior. These do not comply.

I use something like this

Flexible accordion type drain lines do not have a smooth interior surface and are subject to poor drainage conditions due to blockage and or sagging along the flexible ribbing. Recommend that a qualified plumbing contractor replace flexible accordion type drain line with standard plumbing components with a smooth interior surface.